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Actifio Makes Copy Data Storage Easy

We made some pretty significant announcements yesterday, from a new release of our software, to new product packages, to a new utility pricing option. If you have been following the Actifio story for some time, you will already know that our mission is to make data protection and copy data management “radically simple.” These offerings just made that even easier for our customers.

Over the coming days on this blog, we will be digging into the details of how Actifio makes copy data storage easy. But here’s a high level recap for those keeping score at home.

Actifio is easy to buy

We recognize that different organizations have different storage requirements and environments of varying sizes and complexity. That doesn’t mean, however, that solutions must be as complex as the problem they solve. To make it easy to match an Actifio system to diverse customer needs, we have created standard configurations of our system ranging from a 7TB remote office / branch office (100T-ROBO), up to the maximum 100TB capacity Actifio 100T-100.  Multiple Actifio 100Ts can be combined to support larger environments.    Each of these standard configurations is pre-packaged, simply priced, and available today. For those, such as Service Providers, that would prefer to use their own existing storage or purchase storage from a preferred provider, there is the Actifio Gateway, which is scalable up to 8 PB. Configurations to match each customer’s needs, what could be easier to buy?

Actifio is easy to approve

As IT organizations move toward a model that consumes technology “as a service,” we recognize that our customers would like options in how they consume their copy data storage solution. In light of that, we have introduced a utility pricing model to go along with the more traditional “CapEx” purchase model.  The ability to “pay-as-you-grow” makes it even easier to get started with Actifio.

Actifio is easy to deploy

The 5.1 release includes a new configuration Wizard that slashes deployment time by as much as 80%. We just returned from a customer who deployed an Actifio 100T in 15 minutes. We’ll share his story in an upcoming post.

Actifio is easy to use

The Actifio 5.1 software release includes multiple new and enhanced features that make a radically simple product even easier to use, particularly in the areas of Business Continuity, Data Governance, and Service Management. For Business Continuity, Actifio 5.1 has expanded the near-instant data access capabilities of our platform with 3 new capabilities – Bare Metal Restore, Test Failover, and FailBack & SyncBack. We’ll have plenty to discuss on those features in an upcoming post, but for now, check out these videos demoing Automated Failover Testing and Automated FailBack Sync. They are very cool.

For Data Governance, Actifio 5.1 has enhanced features for SLA-based data integrity validation, enhanced SLA compliance reporting, user/role-based auditing, LDAP and Active Directory integration, and disk-to tape enhancements for compliance-oriented, long-term retention. For Service Providers, Actifio 5.1 includes enhanced system monitoring, alert correlation and processing, auto-updates, VPN access enhancements, and improved integrated reporting. 

Making copy data storage easy

We’ll have more details in posts coming over the next couple of weeks. Safe to say, however, that we are incredibly excited about all of the amazing features and offerings we have announced.

The Actifio copy data storage system has always been radically simple, but with all of the above, Actifio just got even more powerful and easier to buy, approve, deploy, and use. Dare we say Actifio is even easier to love? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

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