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Leveraging External Snapshot Pools to Drive Superior Performance, Scalability and Availability for Test Data Management

Driving superior performance, scalability, and availability For Test Data Management Leveraging External Snapshot Pools

How to put your test environments on steroids

Actifio has long supported external storage snapshot pools for creating a golden master copy of the database and creating virtual clones on demand for Test Data Management.  Here are some of the benefits of leveraging storage array native snapshot with Actifio:

  • Application Consistent: All snapshots are application-consistent for apps like SAP HANA, Oracle EBS, or custom applications built with databases such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, Db2.
  • Better performance on mounted images: Activity on virtual clones does not go through the Actifio appliance but rather directly between the host and storage array. This is especially important in test/dev environments.
  • Superior performance for Incremental-Only captures for applications that already reside on the array. This results in faster (near-instant) captures, and also less storage consumption as there is no need for a first full copy.
  •  Better RTO and performance for DR scenarios, when using external snapshot pools on the DR side as data is updated and available in its intended target storage. This saves a copy cycle as there is no need to copy it elsewhere.
  • Highly available mounts from the storage array, coordinated by Actifio VDP.
  • Better scalability as there are fewer appliances typically needed·
  • Superior agility: Actifio can capture application consistent data, and even VM data, from any storage array using its Actifio’s incremental forever technology and store backups in native app format using native snapshots in the target storage array. Supported storage arrays include Pure, Dell, and IBM storage.

With the recent announcement of 10c, Actifio has extended its leadership position with support of more external storage arrays including Dell EMC besides Pure and IBM. Advanced capabilities like these, enable our  customers to further shrink time to market, drive agility and data resilience.

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