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Learning Copy Data Management – A Customer Story [Video]

Many of our customers start with a singular need. They need a better Backup solution. They need a better way to do a failover test or manage fail-back. Or, maybe they have a specific need to mount data instantly for all sorts of purposes. But quite often, our customers realize that our copy data storage system can do more. In fact, they realize that Actifio can help them meet a growing imperative in enterprise IT – doing more with less.

That’s at the heart of a lot of our customer use cases, eliminating multiple systems with one, radically simple system. As always, our customers can explain this value better than we ever could. Richard Siedzik of Bryant University tells a very eloquent story of how Bryant learned how Actifio could be utilized in multiple ways and drive a lot of cost savings in the process. Check out his story below.

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