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We’re big in Japan…and Germany and Korea. Now with localized websites.

We are very proud at Actifio to announce the launch of our new German, Japanese, and Korean websites. From the company’s founding, Actifio was “Born Global” and we have built our business to meet the needs of customers around the world. Actifio has over 150 customers in 18 countries and has deployed people worldwide to serve these customers and build new business. Korean WebsiteThese new websites will help our team go to market with all of the content and collateral they need to tell the Actifio story in Deutsch, 日本語,


In addition to providing translated content that originates from HQ in in Waltham, MA, USA, each of the sites has content original to the local area. For example, our Korean site highlights some great local coverage in the Korean press and our German site features some great videos of local customers/partners in German with English subtitles (Check out one of them embedded below).


Get the Japanese Actifio Whitepaper

All of our sites have all the information required to understand the copy data problem and how Actifio was purpose-built to provide the solution while saving customers a lot of money in the process. So if you want to read how Actifio’s technology works in Japanese, the whitepaper is waiting for you. Just click the button to the left. Domo arigato.

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