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It Takes a Partner

You can’t do it alone. You need partners. We all do. That’s especially true for something as strategic, complex, and rapidly advancing as enterprise IT in the cloud. Partnering with Service Providers (SPs) brings a rich opportunity to accelerate success. Our new Service Provider Marketplace is designed to help.

Service Providers have always played a role in delivering IT benefits at scale. Now SPs are at the center of cloud transformations. They’re helping enterprises move IT from a cost center to a value creator. Partnerships are reshaping possibilities, accelerating benefits and creating new business opportunities for providers and customers alike.

We regularly see examples where our SP partners have grown service catalogs with specific offerings designed to help their clients increase business momentum. Of course they want to expand their business too. So, they’re responding to customer demands for advanced hosting, production, data backup and application development services. They’re simplifying the process for customers to access new, more effective services – without more infrastructure.

partnership_imageSPs know that a successful cloud transition should be both painless and cost effective. It should serve the present need while allowing for business flexibility that anticipates future cloud requirements and architectural designs. Experienced SPs can support modernization initiatives that involve large-scale migrations from tens to hundreds of data sources with diverse underlying technologies and formats. Especially in large complex environments, the time, difficulty and costs of upgrade / change can be enormous. And the most flexible data migration services will include a cloud on-ramp/off-ramp that eases any customer concerns about vendor lock-in.

Actifio is helping SPs to virtually support all the requirements to move and protect data in private, public and hybrid clouds. SPs can provide clients with multiple service offerings from a single set of consolidated resources. SPs and their customers see faster time-to-service, lower service development costs and less risk. The result is more revenue, flowing faster for providers and provides.


All around, a big part of the benefit is simplicity. Contrasting with the multiple, overlapping, and costly legacy solutions typically in place, Actifio brings the power of simplicity. The jumble of discordant proprietary technologies is displaced with an uncomplicated, hardware agnostic platform that requires less labor and produces more profitable revenue in the process.

Providers and their clients share the benefits to:

  • Rapidly develop and deploy new services without more infrastructure
  • Assure test and demonstration of committed Service Level Agreements
  • Rapid creation of innovative services that extend beyond the classics
  • Custom born-in-the-cloud application services that support customers building, managing and protecting native cloud applications.

So, to assist both Service Providers and customers, Actifio is making direct connections. We’ve launched the Service Provider Marketplace. It’s a self-service global directory. Customers can use it to discover accredited cloud providers and find managed service options. It’s a way to easily access trusted experience.

These partners represent all of the primary use cases. From enterprise-class data mobility to hybrid clouds, and all shades of business resiliency. They deliver solid services at decreased costs. All Service Providers featured in the marketplace can deliver enterprise-class data management services built on Actifio’s best-in-class Copy Data virtualization technology.

Most leverage Actifio’s full-featured API to integrate copy data virtualization into their current on-boarding, operations, support, and/or billing systems. They make customer’s integration process radically simple. And they all have experienced Professional Services and Operations teams to efficiently guide customers through the process.

For a complete description and capability on how Actifio enables service providers and their customers, see this white paper.

To quote Actifio Founder and CEO Ash Ashutosh: “Supporting our business is increasingly about supporting theirs, and our new Service Provider Marketplace is another step toward integrating our offerings to make it easy for more customers to find the right service with the right partner at the right price no matter where they are or what they require.”

So, find a partner. Look at our provider listings and find the help you need. Then let us know what you think. Suggestions for improvements always welcome.


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