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Holiday Party 2012 – for all, a good night.

Solving the Copy Data Storage Explosion is hard work. Needless to say, our spouses and significant others spend a lot of evenings and weekends missing us while we’re away on travel or staring at us as we work diligently away on our laptops, changing the world. No amount of fun can really make up for the times they take care of putting the kids to bed or make everything else in our personal worlds run smoothly. But, to show how much we appreciate their signing up for this ride, we occasionally like to gather and have a good time with them and our co-workers.

So, last week Actifio HQ employees gathered in Boston for a great evening of food, fun, and photos at our Holiday Party 2012. We’re not sure that meeting our co-workers made our spouses think we are any less crazy, but at least they got to see that everyone is as dedicated to our mission as we are and that we’re all good people… A good time was had by all.

The photo evidence is provided below.

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