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Helping Rezolve, Helping Families

It’s cool to announce happy customers and highlight the financial/operational impact our solutions provide, but it’s even cooler when customers services make our lives better. For those of us with college bound children, we know the stress and anxiety can come with the decision making process.  It’s both one of the biggest emotional and financial decisions we make as a family.

This morning we announced that Rezolve Group has deployed Actifio and in doing so have replaced five data protection systems while slashing their TCO and recovery times. Rezolve Group is an innovative technology and services company that helps students plan how to pay for an education and helps colleges and other schools communicate value and affordability.   More than $227 billion in aid is available to 15 million students for postsecondary education during the 2012-13 academic year – that’s a lot of money.

It’s no surprise that all aspects of Rezolve Group’s business are highly data driven, including time sensitive personal and financial information that’s required on applications. With the intense, deadline driven processes of applying for financial aid, constant and secure access to Rezolve’s database is essential for prospective students, like yours and mine, looking to make important decisions that impact their education and financial future.  That’s why when it came to consolidating their legacy point tools into a single solution to ensure data availability, security and connectivity for all five of Rezolve’s locations, their CTO, Robert Reeder called us.

Very simply, we helped Rezolve Group manage their copy data explosion by eliminating their siloed data-protection applications, enabling instant recovery for their apps and all important database.  Check out the video below of Robert describing his solution and rationale behind bringing Actifio on-board.


“Actifio is a game changer,” Reeder said.  “One Actifio device replaces five tools, drastically reducing total cost of ownership. If I need to, I can quickly recover data from any point in time, from either of our datacenters on the East or West coast.”  Robert also recently participated in a Wikibon Peer Incite call  about how he went about designing his infrastructure for long-distance data replication for continuous business uptime.  Check out the various blogs that resulted from the call below:

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