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How Are You Going to Migrate Your Data to Public Cloud?

migrate data to the cloud

There’s no debate that the public cloud is here to stay. High tech trends like digital transformation, broader enterprise workload support, and new areas of innovation are driving massive public cloud adoption. In fact, IDC forecasts a 17.7% CAGR in public cloud usage through 2021 with yearly revenues hitting over $550 billion per year!1 A lot of that growth will be fueled by companies migrating existing on-premises workloads to the public cloud.

The big question is, how will they get their data to the cloud, especially for Tier 1 workloads like production databases? Approaches such as custom scripts, native database replication, and recovering from backups suffer from challenges such as large bandwidth requirements, extended application downtime, or insufficient coverage for certain databases. But most importantly, none of those approaches gives you the ability to provision dozens of database clones instantly in the cloud, which is extremely important because it enables multiple iterative testing phases before moving production to the cloud.

Instead, users should look at Actifio Sky software which can replicate a wide variety of databases including MS SQL, Oracle (including RAC & ASM), Oracle EBS, SAP HANA, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB and many more Linux-based databases. More importantly, Sky enables users to provision dozens of database clones instantly in the cloud so tests can be done simultaneously on multiple database instances to reduce the migration testing time.

Actifio Sky provides a seamless, simple, cost effective approach to migrate database data to the public cloud. In fact, using the architectural foundations of Enterprise Data-as-a-Service (EDaaS) to capture, manage, and use database data is the way to migrate to the public cloud.

challenges of moving to the public cloud

The benefits to using this approach are clear:

  • Shrink on-premises and public cloud data footprints to reduce TCO
  • Gain instant access to data in the public cloud
  • Use the cloud of your choice, including multiple clouds at the same time
  • Efficient, fast validation of pre-, during, and post-migration processes
  • No physical transport of data
  • Integrated data security during and after the migration
  • Post migration, users continue to get backup, disaster recovery, long term data retention, and database cloning in the cloud.

Last but not least – as the primary driver for cloud migration, cost reduction is top of mind for CxOs. Actifio Sky can utilize cloud object storage for cloud migration. This can provide significant TCO savings compared to using SSD class block storage during migration. Once all testing is done, data can then be migrated from cloud object storage to block storage in the cloud if desired.

For example: The following chart shows the low costs of using cloud object storage as compared to $5,000 per month for SSD class storage.

challenges of moving to the public cloud

Interested in learning more?  Get in-depth insights on moving data to the cloud in our whitepaper.

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