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The future of cloud computing – 2014 edition.

For the last four years, we’ve been fortunate to partner with cloud visionary Michael Skok and other cloud leaders on the industry’s most comprehensive Cloud Computing study.  With over 1300 respondents, this year’s Future of Cloud Computing survey yielded some fascinating results and highlighted many of the ways our enterprise users and cloud service provider customers are leveraging Copy Data Virtualization in the cloud. These included:

Resiliency – with 47% leveraging cloud for Disaster Recovery.

Agility – with a 50% increase in Application Development in the cloud.

Intelligence – with 44% using Business Analytics in the cloud.

Copy Data and Transformation in the CloudWhile 25% of respondents think network bandwidth is an inhibitor to cloud, the data shows that 66% of all data is already in the cloud today, forecasted to grow to 73% in just two years!  With that much data moving into the cloud, we’ll most likely see some of the same copy data issues there that we’re working to solve in enterprise data centers, as more organizations try to migrate their existing processes into the cloud.  In fact, the ‘Future of Cloud’ says that data proliferation in the cloud is being driven by enterprises and consumers alike, with as many as 50% of enterprises projected to purchase as much storage in 2014 as they have accumulated in their entire history.

We’re excited to be a part of the ‘Future of Cloud’ project, even as we help hundreds of global organizations accelerate their own cloud adoption.  By virtualizing data and freeing it from the bonds of traditional IT infrastructure, we are playing a small role in assisting this massive technology shift to the cloud. We find that both humbling and amazing.

Check out the full survey details in the slideshare below, and let us know what you think about the future of cloud computing in the comments.


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