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Emerald Queen Casino Goes All-In On Copy Data Virtualization

In January, we announced how our friends at Emerald Queen Casino had successfully implemented our copy data virtualization platform, and were already experiencing measurable benefits across their vast application environments.  From saving nearly $1M to eliminating hundreds of hours of IT related issues – it sounded like we had already heard it all from Dave Bond’s team at the casino.

Fortunately we were wrong.

As the year has progressed, the Emerald Queen IT team has continued toemerald expand the scope and scale of their Actifio implementation to capture more of their mission critical application environment, manage it more efficiently, and re-use the data via our virtual copies for many purposes beyond ‘backup’.  From application testing to compliance audits, it sounds like the team at Emerald Queen is experiencing the full benefit from being ‘all-in’ on a comprehensive copy data virtualization rollout across the enterprise.


We caught up with them at this year’s VMworld conference in San Francisco.  Check out their video below and let us know how you think their big ‘bet’ on Actifio paid off.

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