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The Actifio Advantage for Oracle Workloads On Google’s Bare Metal Solution

The Actifio Advantage for Oracle Workloads On Google’s Bare Metal Solution

Enterprises running Oracle workloads for their mission critical applications have a new additional choice on where to run their workloads. Google today launched Bare Metal Solution (BMS) for specialized workloads, including Oracle and Actifio is excited to be an integral part of this offering.  Enterprise customers now have the option to run their Oracle workloads in a hybrid cloud environment or migrate existing on-premises Oracle databases with minimal disruption into BMS, which will be available in 9 regions.

Why did Google launch Oracle BMS?

Customers are looking to Google to help them on their modernization journey. For many, this means providing an easy way to lift and shift their legacy workloads like Oracle into the cloud to enable lower overall costs and reduce the risks of their cloud migration.

With close proximity to Google Cloud Platform with a latency of less than 2 ms, customers can leverage the data agility and elasticity offered by Google Cloud Platform, as well as the breadth of services they offer. Customers for example can ingest data into BigQuery and make rapid database clones for DevOps.

The Actifio Google Data Protection Partnership

With this announcement, Actifio is further partnering with Google to deliver value-added services for BMS customers. Actifio has been a long time data protection partner supporting various workloads including VMs and databases on Google Cloud Platform including SAP HANA. To enhance the BMS experience, Actifio now offers BMS customers its data protection services for the following use cases:

  1. Backup & DR of on-premises Oracle workloads to BMS
  2. Backup & DR of BMS from one region to another
  3. Migrate from on-premises and other clouds to GCP
  4. Rapid DB cloning in BMS to accelerate Dev/QA/UAT testing

The Actifio Advantage

Actifio has been a leading provider of Copy Data Management solution for Oracle workloads with marquee customers in the financial, retail, energy, and government sectors using Actifio for Oracle for data protection and rapid database cloning. Our customers have enjoyed superior RTO, RPO, and lowest TCO due to the following capabilities:

  1. App consistent Incremental forever backup approach enabling customers to meet extremely stringent RPO SLAs, as low as 15 minutes, helping customers to dramatically shrink their backup window.
  2. Instant Recovery enabling customers to instantly recover from a failure within minutes irrespective of the size of the underlying database.
  3. 1-Click DR Orchestration for the entire Oracle application stack reduces the operational burden. Actifio also integrates and orchestrates native Oracle Data Guard failover for up to the minute RPO needs.
  4. Mount and Migrate capabilities enable customers to mount data directly from object storage and get near SSD type performance as the database migrates back to a production tier in the background. Customers realize 80% improvement in performance at 20% of the cost of expensive block storage.
  5. Rapid Database Cloning for DevOps and analytics on a self-service basis and with zero incremental infrastructure costs. Our customers have seen dramatic productivity increase and have reduced time to market by 25%.

BMS will help customers increase flexibility and reduce costs while ensuring data sovereignty and business continuity. To enhance the BMS experience, Actifio is proud to offer our  data protection services to BMS customers. We are thankful to our customers who have deployed Actifio on Oracle already, and we look forward to serving them even better with more differentiated technology offerings in conjunction with our close partnership with Google, to help them further reduce TCO, reduce risks and increase agility as they pursue their digital transformation initiatives.

Special Offer

As part of the Oracle BMS launch on Google Cloud, Actifio is offering a special incentive for customers to deploy the Actifio GO SaaS solution. 

  • Customers signing up for a three-year commitment will get free Actifio software for six months. 
  • Customers signing up for a month-to-month or annual contract will be offered $2,000 in credits.  
  • The offer is valid only through July 31, 2020.

Click here to learn more about this offer.

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