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Culture eating strategy and other truisms [VIDEO]

Andrew GilmanBy Andrew Gilman – Sr. Dir. of Corporate and Channel Marketing – On day one, the first person in a company has a tremendously powerful opportunity to establish a culture that will help her organization survive and thrive for years to come – well beyond any single person’s tenure.

Here at Actifio, our founder did just that. The core of our culture is simple: C.A.R.E., which stands for Customer Centricity, Accountablity, Respect and Excellence. Five years after founding, we now are more than 250 Actifians supporting users across 31 countries. We’re competing and winning against the Big Guys for top engineering, sales, marketing, and services talent while we compete in the market with our award winning CDS product line.

How we translate C.A.R.E. into going about our daily jobs is simple (dare we say radically simple?). Before we do or plan anything here at Actifio, the first consideration is always our end users – “Does this makes their lives better, easier, more productive?” How we translate C.A.R.E. to our team or prospective Actifians is equally as simple – “Does this person genuinely care about others? Do they strive to be their best, always?”

It’s this core culture that has enabled Actifio to continue to grow at triple digits year after year after year. Our founder, Ash, summarizes this up nicely in our new video below entitled, “It’s about the people. Life at Actfio.”

“What’s important is ‘who are you?’ so when you come into Actifio and you have this platform, you will be wildly successful. And who you are, that passion, that attitude, that DNA, that survives independent of what domain expertise you have and how successful or unsuccessful you have been before.”

– Ash Ashutosh, Actifio Founder and CEO

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