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CTRL V for Databases

We all are very familiar with CTRL C & CTRL V for copying and pasting text, files, & folders. Thanks to Google, I found out that CTRL V is abbreviation for Control Vipectus. Vipectus is the Latin word for “paste”.

I never thought about CTRL C and CTRL V at a Virtual Machine or a Database level…until I talked to a large enterprise who became our customer recently. The head of DBAs at this company shared with me, “I wish there was a way to CTRL C on my 17 TB Oracle database and 9 TB SQL Server database, and do CTRL V 10 times for my test dev environments. We are wasting a lot of time cloning these datasets for our dev and test environments. It takes us 3-to-5 business days to refresh these test environments from production.”

What an incredible and simple way to describe a requirement?

Our awesome solution architect, Anthony Golia, then explained how Actifio can capture his Oracle & Microsoft SQL Server databases (like CTRL C), and provision 10 copies of the databases instantly (like CTRL V), in minutes, using our data virtualization technology.

Here is a short video of how to do “instant CTRL V” for Oracle databases.

And here is a short video for Microsoft SQL Server database provisioning.

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