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Today’s Biggest Copy Data Challenges – IT Partners Weigh In.

Our partners have great perspective on the current IT environment. Every day they serve as trusted advisors to thousands of organizations, helping them to navigate change, reduce costs, and drive innovation. They have the pulse of the market and know what is important to IT professionals and what keeps them up at night.

In a recent survey, we had TechValidate, a great third party research organization, ask hundreds of our partners about the IT challenges faced by their customers. The results were very interesting.

When asked what their clients’ biggest IT challenges were related to the copy data explosion, they cited several items as being real challenges, but a few stood out.

Customer Evidence verified by TechValidate.

The inability to test and/or prove Disaster Recovery plan effectiveness or to failover applications to a remote site in a timely fashion was cited by 69% of those surveyed. We knew this was an issue, as we have heard many IT Directors give pained answers to the question of how confident they were in their IT resilience.  That is a big reason why Actifio offers the capability to do Automated Failover Testing and Automated Failback Sync. Legacy tools just don’t allow an ability to test production failover, without disrupting production operations. Hence, the lack of confidence that showed up in this survey.

The other two big items that popped out in the survey were “Backup tools not keeping pace with big data and virtual environments”, as well as the “inefficiency of long-term data stores overwhelming storage budgets and governance.” These two items go to the heart of what we hear every day about the storage explosion in organizations. The growth of data drives immense expansion of storage needs particularly because of the existence of siloed systems driving the growth of excess copies of data.

We see these challenges every day, as do our partners. If these challenges look familiar to you, we’d love to talk with you about your challenges and how Actifio can help.

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