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Introducing the Copy Data Meter Widget

Last quarter, IDC announced the findings of their Worldwide Copy Data Study. The results were stunning, even beyond our initial projections of how acute the Copy Data problem really is for organizations across all vertical markets.

In the survey of 700 IT executives in North America, EMEA and APJ, IDC found that $44B will be spent this year on making, storing and sharing copy data. The crazier thing is this number is projected to grow past $50B in less than 5 years, which represents more than 300 Exabytes of capacity. To put this number in context, it’s 8X IDC’s projected Big Data storage spend (see more great data in the Copy Data Infographic). Fortunately organizations across 19 countries are now getting back their share of the Copy Data spend. Take Admirals Bank, for example, who just saved $750K on disk costs alone, while eliminating 3 different backup products and reducing recovery times from 48Hrs to seconds…

For users like Admirals, the first step in understanding their Copy Data problem was visualizing all of the wasted storage and software spend that was tied up in Copy Data management. To help people grasp the magnitude of the problem, today we’re launching the worldwide Copy Data Meter. The “large version” is shown below and is designed for use on a page or in a blog post. The “small version” is shown in the column to the right and is designed for using in a column on your site. To embed it on your own site, just click the “Embed” button and copy the HTML code shown.

We hope you will share it, embed it on your own websites, and generally spread the word. With your help, we can slow the growth of that meter and eventually put it in reverse.

Copy Data Meter sponsored by Actifio

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