Actifio is now part of Google Cloud. Read the full announcement.

Copy data belongs in the cloud. Manage it there with Actifio.

We made two big press announcements today, something we rarely do. The first launched Actifio Sky for AWS, a new offering available on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace that will let customers virtualize their copy data right within the Amazon cloud. The second announced a relationship with Google Cloud Platform that will make their Cloud Storage Nearline service available as a one-click vaulting option from directly within the Actifio platform.

These announcements come on the heels of Gartner’s first Magic Quadrant for cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), a report in which three Cloud Service Provider-partner offerings powered by Actifio technology (for IBM, Sungard AS, and Verizon) were recognized, and two – IBM and Sungard AS – dominated the Magic Quadrant itself.

iStock_000053890420_LargeWhile Actifio was born as a software-based solution, we first came to prominence as a bundled appliance. Today, though, the vast majority of our customers deliver or consume our copy data virtualization technology as a cloud-based service.

This comes as no surprise to us. Actifio’s enterprise copy data virtualization platform was built for the cloud:

  • Our architecture decouples application data from infrastructure, making it easier to break the bonds of the data center.
  • Moving only changed-blocks minimizes the transport bandwidth required to support data replication across dedicated and cloud-based infrastructure.
  • When the time comes to access data, “mounting” a virtual copy on Actifio supplements the local copy with only those remote blocks required to deliver the required application from the required point in time.
  • Our VDP™ technology now runs entirely on a virtual machine (Actifio Sky™)
  • We use a Hybrid SaaS pricing model across the product line, enabling CSP partners who sell “by the drink” to buy “by the drink.”

Our rapidly expanding network of cloud service provider (CSP) partners now includes 5 of the world’s 10 largest, covering the majority of the global enterprise market. And the fastest growing segment of our CSP business is with regional providers leveraging our technology to provide cloud-based business agility services in support of Dev/Test and DevOps use cases.

The cloud is where copy data belongs, and over time we expect more and more of our end user customers to leverage our technology through service providers that offer a broad spectrum of service levels, use cases, pricing packages, and technical features… on private, hybrid, and public cloud based infrastructures.

It’s what we were built for from the start.


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