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What to Consider when Evaluating a Backup and DR Solution in the Cloud

Remember the dreadful feelings of high anxiety and inertia when you had to move to a new house?  It’s no doubt painful and something you would only want to do a few times in your life. However, it also gives most people an opportunity to clean up the garage, donate or throw unwanted stuff away and start fresh in the new house.

Most organizations looking to reduce data center footprint and leverage cloud for backups and recoveries have a similar feel. It gives them an opportunity to evaluate new vendors who can deliver great SLAs such as low RTO, low RPO and multi-year retention at lowest possible costs in the cloud.

However, better SLAs at lower costs doesn’t happen by accident. It takes careful planning and a rethinking of how you protect your data. Bolting a 20-year-old backup architecture to the cloud will not provide the benefits you are trying to achieve.

Here are 9 points to consider when evaluating a backup and DR solution in the cloud:

– Does it deliver low RPO of 1 hour or 15 minutes?
– Does it deliver low RTO in minutes?
– Can you get high performance for mission-critical applications, post-recovery?
– Does it deliver instant recovery directly from cloud object storage?
– Can you provision database clones instantly off the backups stored in block or cloud object storage?
– Can you restore, after many years, without the backup vendor tool?
– Does it work on all major cloud vendors like AWS, Azure, Google, IBM?
– Does it protect and recover on-premises physical and VMware workloads in the cloud?
– Is it highly rated by Gartner for Cloud IAAS integration?

Here is just a small sample of cost savings introduced by a technology that can “reuse” backups to provision database clones for DevOps, Analytics in the cloud.

backup to the cloud

Interested in learning more?  Download the full, in-depth checklist that details the 9-points in a checklist for cloud backup and recovery for enterprises.

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