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[Video] CNBC Interviews Ash – Copy Data Virtualization and Delivering Business Outcomes with IT

Ash appeared on CNBC yesterday to educate their audience on Copy Data Virtualization. It was a great interview and if you missed it you should check out the video replay of it below.

Ash Ashutosh on CNBCDuring the segment, Ash discussed some of the core trends in technology today:

– The democratization of IT
– The commoditization of IT
– The virtualization of core technology services

He painted a fascinating picture of how these trends are causing a shift away from allegiance to infrastructure vendors and more toward organizing IT based on delivering business outcomes. Actifio has a tremendous opportunity to thrive in such an environment and Ash perfectly described our value in that context.

We could go on in great detail on those themes and we’ll continue to discuss them in future blog posts. But, nobody describes them as well as Ash, so we’ll just wrap up and let you watch the video below.


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