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Cloud, Containers and Copy Data Management: Actifio 10c

Cloud, Containers and Copy Data Management: Actifio 10c

Today is a big day at Actifio. We launched Actifio 10c, our next generation multi-cloud copy data management solution. With this announcement, we are bringing to market eight new capabilities which extends Actifio’s technology leadership enabling our customers instant re-use, self-service and elasticity of the data they have across the enterprise, both on-premises and on the cloud.

We have been listening to our customers’ most urgent priorities in their pursuit of faster and more aggressive digital transformation, and 10c is a manifestation of that knowledge churn. If you haven’t guessed, the ‘c’ in the 10c stands for Cloud, Containers and Copy Data Management, the three elements that clearly differentiate where we are providing our customers truly unique advantages and helping our customers reduce costs, improve agility and reduce risks.

Here is Actifio Chief Marketing Officer Brian Reagan introducing 10c:


The Cloud in 10c:  

Backup to public clouds is rather an old concept. Everyone is doing it in some way for form, or in the midst of embarking a strategy to leverage the cloud for backup and DR. The question which most customers fail to ask is how seamless is the DR orchestration at scale. As the adage goes ‘it’s not about the backup but about the restore’. Everyone can bring up and restore one VM on the cloud in case of a disaster; the real question is how quickly and seamlessly can you bring up 1000s of VMs in the cloud in case of a disaster? With 10c, we believe we have further left behind the competition and have an industry-leading solution enabling our customers to recover 1000s of on-premises VMs, physical servers, and databases in the cloud with a single click. It’s all policy-driven, dictating the full order of recovery of the VMs across clouds. 

To up the ante on the competition even further, we also support multi-cloud DR orchestration enabling our customers to reduce recovery time objective (RTO), operational burden and cost of recoveries with intelligent and elastic load balancing from object storage across multiple Actifio instances. 

To further break the price/performance barriers, Actifio 10c enables our customers to get  SSD storage performance at 20% of the costs, by instantly mounting and recovering directly from object storage with intelligent read/write caching in SSD storage. With these  enhancements Actifio will offer the absolute lowest TCO for on-premises to cloud backup and DR orchestration in the industry.

The Container in 10c:  

With 10c Actifio will support rapid cloning of databases to containers:  This will help our customers accelerate application test and release cycles by reusing backups to instantly clone multi-TB databases rapidly to Kubernetes managed containers enabling them to further reduce their DevOps cost structures and accelerating application time to market. These database clones are storage optimized. For example, if you provision 5 clones of a 10 TB database to 5 containers, you don’t need any 50 TB storage because the clones read directly from the backup image. Only the changes that happen in the clones need extra space. This reduces time to clone and the underlying storage requirements by up to 20x. The best part is that Dev/QA/UAT/Security testers can provision the database clones in a self-service manner, thus eliminating the burden on a system, storage, and a DBA admin to be involved while provisioning these clones. The new enhancements will continue to be integrated with leading DevOps tools like Jenkins and Ansible to help them further streamline their DevOps processes.

Copy Data Management enhancements in 10c:

Actifio has long been the category leader in Copy Data Management, in fact having originally coined the term, and having helped thousands of customers efficiently clone and manage copies of databases for DevOps, data protection and analytics. With 10c, we are enhancing our leadership position with a much more simplified and easy to use wizards for mission-critical databases like SAP HANA/ASE/MaxDB, Oracle, Oracle EBS, MS SQL, Db2, and other enterprise databases. The Actifio differentiation for all mission-critical databases continues to be incremental-forever application-consistent backup, instant recovery, and rapid database cloning for test/dev anywhere on-premises or in any cloud such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM Cloud. 

We believe Actifio 10c is a huge step ahead in empowering enterprises to iterate at the speed of business with instant re-use on a much broader range of data sources, self-service enabled by more automation and simplicity, and elasticity and flexibility that no other technology can provide in a single software platform. 

We are thankful to our customers and partners who have been part of this journey and we look forward to serving them even better with more differentiated technology offerings, to help them further reduce TCO, reduce risks and increase agility as they pursue their digital transformation initiatives in the cloud.

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