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CIOs in this moment: Costs, protection, and building the new future

CIOs in this moment: Costs, protection, and building the new future

While much remains unclear in this unprecedented time, two strong facts are emerging for technology professionals: digital transformation must be accelerated, and cost containment is paramount. Not necessarily in that order. 

To some, these two imperatives conflict with each other. Not to us. Actifio was built on the idea that speed and efficiency go hand in hand. In the best of times, it’s often more about time than it is about costs. Now we’re back to cost and our customers need us more than ever. 

Stability, protection, costs. In the initial aftershock, many customers focused on stability, protecting the business, eliminating unnecessary costs. As it was in the aftermath of 9/11 and the financial crisis of 2008-09, cost containment is what helps CIOs stabilize their operations and work leaner. 

With our data virtualization technology, Actifio’s ability to dramatically reduce the storage capacity needed, across any cloud or on-premises environment, is very compelling for companies that are stretching every dollar.

Managing the same amount of data with far fewer resources was Actifio’s original calling card. We just released Actifio 10c, the newest version of the industry’s most comprehensive, secure, cloud-centric copy data management platform. We’ve broken through price/performance barriers for using object storage, continuing to advance a very cost-optimized, highly scalable storage tier without sacrificing performance. Opened up the ability to use any public cloud and arbitrage the different costs across those clouds. Those costs are very real and can be realized very quickly. We dare say no one has done more to elevate object storage to first-class storage citizenship than Actifio. 

Cyber resiliency again rose to the top when remote work prompted a fresh wave of vulnerabilities and attacks. Resiliency is being able to weather that storm. Numerous Actifio customers have been able to recover from cyber attacks and bring back their entire business to normal operation within hours. 

Speed and digital transformation. After those early weeks, we started seeing more organizations shift to offense. How could they use this crisis to reframe and redefine what the “next normal version” of their companies will look like? Companies like Shake Shack talked about how the very digital initiatives that kept them at the forefront of their industry are now driving the business through the most difficult period the restaurant industry has ever experienced. Without it, their survival would have been threatened.

In many cases, the winners and the losers emerging from this wrenching period will be separated by their ability to not only survive but to look out at that next horizon. To create and perfect online interactions, digital modes of customer intimacy and engagement, every business has to be prioritizing its modernization. 

As application modernization initiatives take hold in just about every enterprise, developers need fresh, current data faster for dev and test. And it’s drawn from ever larger datasets. Digital experiences with customers, employees and suppliers must be powerful, effective and appealing. All of that data that Actifio is protecting for you can be turned into the assets needed for development, analytics or the new AI/ML project. 

Innovation when you need it most. Among the new capabilities in Actifio 10c, the continued expansion of database coverage is especially timely because those are the crown jewels inside the enterprise. The ability to manage those databases from on-premises to any public cloud, or from one cloud into another cloud or back to on-premises, gives Actifio customers the ultimate flexibility in extracting value from those crown jewels. 

Millions of dollars invested in petabytes of data and costly infrastructure sit idle in disaster recovery data centers. These ‘dead assets’ cause endless management anxiety. A lot of that data could be so useful if restoring or copying it weren’t so slow and painful. Resurrecting that data in minutes, from an internal data center or the cloud, can speed up new app development and testing — and have a big effect on time to market.  

There is a way to make this “dead data” come alive, to bring value instead of being a money pit. Actifio can not only protect an entire application infrastructure, but at the push of a button provision data, on-premises or in the cloud, in minutes. And the application stack can be cloned, masked and leveraged for DevOps, or analytics, or AI/ML. 

Actifio can breathe new life into data and recovery infrastructure, creating opportunities to reduce costs and to truly leverage all that data for the future of your business. 

Your data deserves Actifio.

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