What is Virtual Database Cloning?

What is virtual database cloning

77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system!!!  Chances are high that every enterprise has a mission-critical application built around a database such as Oracle, HANA, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Db2 or MongoDB. And these enterprises’ #1 priority is to release new features ASAP. Why? Because this reduces time-to-market and allows them […]

What IT Can Learn from Second Grade Soccer

One of my favorite activities is coaching youth soccer and I have served as a head coach for multiple teams over the last six years.  Currently, I am responsible for a U8 (grade 2) and a U10 (grade 3-4) team.  Recently, while coaching a U8 game, I had a revelation about youth soccer and the […]

Should Enterprises Merge IT and App Dev Teams?

With the advent of the cloud and the need to use production-like data sets for application development, IT has become a profit center opportunity for the enterprise.  The CIO and his/her team now have the ability to steer the direction of the company and greatly influence quarterly and annual revenue by creating software and applications […]

Why Copy Data Management Is Critical in Down Level Environments?

Why Copy Data Management Is Critical in Down Level Environments?

As we all know, all organizations are in fact becoming a software business collecting and analyzing data with the vision to build better products faster.  However, the challenge with new DevOps processes driving agile development is that multiple copies of data are requested by the DevOps team at any point in time.  There are four […]

Developing an application-centric approach to data management

Data is the currency of digital transformation. Continuous insights are at the heart of driving competitive differentiation. Value is migrating to data because customers are expecting smarter, secure, and personalized products or services. IDC estimates that 163 zettabytes of data will be created by 2025 and all this data can unleash new opportunities. In EMEA […]

3 Reasons Why Test Data Management Is More Important Than You Think!

A few days back one of my colleagues, who happens to work in the QA division of a big financial organization, narrated an incident which his manager was extremely bothered with. “You take all necessary measures to do a proper functional system testing. You do everything to identify and retest all the defects. At the […]

3 Modern Data Trends: Key Takeaways from Data Driven 2019 General Sessions

Data Driven 2019 was all about the increasingly innovative ways we are using data and showcasing companies that are leading the way. Whether you work in the entertainment industry, air travel, or sports, there are probably better ways to incorporate data into your business strategy then what you are currently doing. Below is a quote […]

How DevOps Fuels Digital Transformation


Today, Digital Transformation is happening all around us. With more and more companies choosing to adapt to this digital world, it is no wonder that people are finding ways to make this transformation as efficient and effective for their company as possible. DevOps is the combination of the “Development” and “Operations” teams within corporate application […]

What is Digital Transformation?

Over the course of the end of the 20th century and into the start of the 21st century, one cannot deny that the world has been  completely reshaped and transformed. One of the key ways to stay successful as a business is to constantly stay up to date with customer needs.  with the digitalization of […]

3 Major Trends Driving Effective Test Data Management Strategies

Test Data Management (TDM) has become a very important part of software testing process. TDM is evolving and undergoing constant refinement with rapid changes in technology landscape and software development process. A lot of organizations work with fast changing business goals to reach out to end customers. This requires that the test data is available […]

5 Test Data Management Challenges for Modern Enterprises

In today’s world, a lot of organizations face IT challenges that are more complex than ever before. Businesses need to be ahead of the competition and for that they need to quickly iterate and release their applications for their consumers. For businesses seeking optimum functionality and better time-to-market, test data management (TDM) is a crucial component of […]

5 Reasons to Upgrade to S4 HANA from ECC

SAP is an application that powers many of today’s leading businesses and is the very definition of a business critical system.  Because of this, users are very careful when it comes to making changes to production SAP environments as outages can be impactful.  Over time, SAP has evolved from the original ERP R3 to ECC […]