The Grand Prix is About to Start, but Where is the Pit Crew?

Supporting High-Performance Databases with Actifio on Azure Ultra Disk

Fast speeds with Microsoft Azure Ultra Disk supporting mission-critical applications needs a high-performance pit crew to support sustained peak performance Microsoft just announced the general availability of Microsoft Azure’s Ultra Disk – the fastest virtual disk in public clouds, targeted at high-performance workloads like Oracle, SQL Server, and in-memory databases like SAP HANA. It boasts […]

SaaS + Google Cloud Platform = The Perfect Team

SaaS + Google Cloud Platform = The Perfect Team

In my two previous blogs (check them out here and here), I’ve talked about challenges that Operations and App Dev/Analytics teams face with massive amounts of copy data. This copy data is used for backup, recovery, DR, testing, analytics, etc. and can become a burden for organizations to manage, especially as this copy data grows […]

Google Cloud Platform Solves Some Copy Data Challenges, But Not All

Google Cloud Platform Solves Some Copy Data Challenges, But Not All

In my previous blog, I talked about how Operations and App Dev/Analytics teams struggle with the need for multiple copies of production data (the “copy data” problem). These teams turn to cloud solutions like Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to help address some of these challenges with features like flexibility, on-demand storage/compute, unlimited scalability, etc. However, […]

Tackling the Copy Data Problem with Google Cloud Platform

Production data from VMs, databases and physical servers are the lifeblood of any IT organization. Since this data is so critical, there are a select few people who have access to it. However, many groups in the organization need copies of this production data for a variety of reasons. These groups of people commonly come […]

What is Digital Transformation?

Over the course of the end of the 20th century and into the start of the 21st century, one cannot deny that the world has been  completely reshaped and transformed. One of the key ways to stay successful as a business is to constantly stay up to date with customer needs.  with the digitalization of […]

What Space Saving and Security Advancements are Built into Actifio’s Technology?

Compression and encryption are everywhere.   Whether you are uploading videos to Facebook, watching Netflix or doing online shopping or banking,  you will be interacting with systems that are (hopefully) employing the best available compression and encryption for your connection.   The goals being a fast easy experience that is also secure. For the user, the main […]

5 Reasons to Upgrade to S4 HANA from ECC

SAP is an application that powers many of today’s leading businesses and is the very definition of a business critical system.  Because of this, users are very careful when it comes to making changes to production SAP environments as outages can be impactful.  Over time, SAP has evolved from the original ERP R3 to ECC […]

3 Reasons Why Test Data Management Is More Important Than You Think

A few days back one of my colleagues, who happens to work in the QA division of a big financial organization, narrated an incident which his manager was extremely bothered with. “You take all necessary measures to do a proper functional system testing. You do everything to identify and retest all the defects. At the […]

The Pros and Cons of Software Defined Storage

Guest blog article by Eric Barbieri:   In its’ simplest form Software Defined Storage (SDS) can be described as the unbundling of storage software from the hardware necessary to house data. The separation of these two critical pieces of the storage puzzle can have some very profound affects on scalability, flexibility and cost of storing large […]

BigQuery vs RedShift Pricing

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog post highlighting  4 Key Benefits of BigQuery.  One of the areas that I mentioned was pricing. In this blog, I wanted to highlight the pricing models available from Google BigQuery, AWS RedShift and AWS RedShift Spectrum.  As part of the process, I will highlight the strengths and […]

Accelerating Application Modernization – IDC Guest Blog

Guest Article by Phil Goodwin of IDC IDC estimates that as many applications will be deployed in the next five years as have been deployed in the previous four decades. In many cases, these new apps modernize existing apps, but may also be brand-new apps, both in support of digital transformation (DX) initiatives. We estimate that 55% […]

The Fix for Delphix: Actifio vs Delphix for Test Data Management – How they Compare

There is no doubt that DevOps is a top of mind subject for application developers.  However, one challenge with DevOps is test data management (TDM). Agile development requires agile data presentation, and traditional approaches to TDM cannot deliver the required responsiveness. In this blog, I will compare and contrast two solutions for automated TDM – […]