Building Data Bridges to Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Building Data Bridges to Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Guest post by John Webster of the Evaluator Group As we advance further into the era of cloud computing, enterprise end users are increasingly realizing that there will be on-premises information technology (IT) components for a while. This leads them to the conclusion that a hybrid cloud architecture with extensions to multiple public clouds is […]

New Object Storage Horizons

object storage

Guest blog by John Webster, Senior Adviser, Evaluator Group Object is Everywhere Object storage is ubiquitous. You can find it in any medium-large scale enterprise data center. Its available from all of the major cloud services providers. And you’re probably accessing it when you log on to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and a host of other […]

Developing an application-centric approach to data management

Data is the currency of digital transformation. Continuous insights are at the heart of driving competitive differentiation. Value is migrating to data because customers are expecting smarter, secure, and personalized products or services. IDC estimates that 163 zettabytes of data will be created by 2025 and all this data can unleash new opportunities. In EMEA […]

Actifio Rocks Out at Pure Accelerate 2019

Last week was a busy week for all of us here at Actifio. Four major events were going on: Oracle Open World, Data Driven Tokyo, Google Cloud Summit Seattle, and Pure Accelerate. I was fortunate enough to attend Pure Accelerate in Austin, TX and figured I’d share my thoughts on the event. This was my […]

The Future of Cloud Backup and DR is SaaS

Like any solution in a data center, legacy backup and recovery vendors eventually wear out their welcome and struggle to evolve with the growing needs of their customer’s business. The process of evaluating new vendors takes time and energy, and there are a myriad of challenges associated with procuring new solutions.  As we start to […]

Why Copy Data Management Is So Disruptive

Why copy data management is so disruptive

As the now-famous Harvard Business Review article said it first, all organizations are in fact becoming a software business collecting and analyzing data with the vision to build better products faster. Because time-to-market has such a profound impact on organizational performance (revenue, market share),  most organizations are striving to streamline and accelerate application release cycles. […]

How to Use Cloud Backup Data for Analytics in Google Cloud Platform

Most organizations hope that they never have to access or restore their backup data in the cloud. Hence they view cheap cloud storage as the graveyard…where backup data goes to die. So how do you turn a backup graveyard into an analytics playground? What if you could “reuse” the backup data in the cloud for […]

Evaluating Cloud Backup & DR Solutions – A Checklist for Cloud Architects

cloud backup checklist

IDC research paper says that 90% of organizations are planning to utilize the cloud for backup and DR.  In my customer conversations, cloud backup and DR use case comes up 100% of the time. They want to protect their on-premises workloads to a public cloud such as AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, for the reasons below: […]

3 Reasons Why Test Data Management Is More Important Than You Think!

A few days back one of my colleagues, who happens to work in the QA division of a big financial organization, narrated an incident which his manager was extremely bothered with. “You take all necessary measures to do a proper functional system testing. You do everything to identify and retest all the defects. At the […]

The Grand Prix is About to Start, but Where is the Pit Crew?

Supporting High-Performance Databases with Actifio on Azure Ultra Disk

Fast speeds with Microsoft Azure Ultra Disk supporting mission-critical applications needs a high-performance pit crew to support sustained peak performance Microsoft just announced the general availability of Microsoft Azure’s Ultra Disk – the fastest virtual disk in public clouds, targeted at high-performance workloads like Oracle, SQL Server, and in-memory databases like SAP HANA. It boasts […]

SaaS + Google Cloud Platform = The Perfect Team

SaaS + Google Cloud Platform = The Perfect Team

In my two previous blogs (check them out here and here), I’ve talked about challenges that Operations and App Dev/Analytics teams face with massive amounts of copy data. This copy data is used for backup, recovery, DR, testing, analytics, etc. and can become a burden for organizations to manage, especially as this copy data grows […]