The Grand Prix is About to Start, but Where is the Pit Crew?

Supporting High-Performance Databases with Actifio on Azure Ultra Disk

Fast speeds with Microsoft Azure Ultra Disk supporting mission-critical applications needs a high-performance pit crew to support sustained peak performance Microsoft just announced the general availability of Microsoft Azure’s Ultra Disk – the fastest virtual disk in public clouds, targeted at high-performance workloads like Oracle, SQL Server, and in-memory databases like SAP HANA. It boasts […]

SaaS + Google Cloud Platform = The Perfect Team

SaaS + Google Cloud Platform = The Perfect Team

In my two previous blogs (check them out here and here), I’ve talked about challenges that Operations and App Dev/Analytics teams face with massive amounts of copy data. This copy data is used for backup, recovery, DR, testing, analytics, etc. and can become a burden for organizations to manage, especially as this copy data grows […]

Google Cloud Platform Solves Some Copy Data Challenges, But Not All

Google Cloud Platform Solves Some Copy Data Challenges, But Not All

In my previous blog, I talked about how Operations and App Dev/Analytics teams struggle with the need for multiple copies of production data (the “copy data” problem). These teams turn to cloud solutions like Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to help address some of these challenges with features like flexibility, on-demand storage/compute, unlimited scalability, etc. However, […]

Tackling the Copy Data Problem with Google Cloud Platform

Production data from VMs, databases and physical servers are the lifeblood of any IT organization. Since this data is so critical, there are a select few people who have access to it. However, many groups in the organization need copies of this production data for a variety of reasons. These groups of people commonly come […]

Migrating SAP HANA to the public cloud

Migrating SAP HANA to the public cloud

Enterprises all over the world are looking to migrate SAP workloads running on premises to the cloud. The big question is, how will they migrate their SAP HANA data to the public cloud, especially for Tier 1 workloads like SAP production databases? Approaches such as custom scripts, native database replication, and recovering from backups suffer […]

Traditional Backup and Recovery Challenges with SAP

The traditional way of backing up SAP is using the Backint API. Backint APIs result in periodic full backups to either a local storage cache on the production from where the data is copied onto the backup server or to an NFS mount point where the data gets stored on the NFS share and then […]

5 Cloud Snapshot Challenges for SAP

Cloud Snapshot Challenges for SAP

How do snapshots work in the public cloud? Snapshots work at the disk/volume level. Snapshots create a full copy of the volume for the first time and then incremental copies  after that. All snapshots are stored in object storage in the cloud. Cloud snapshot challenges Following are some of the challenges associated with the cloud […]

3 Modern Data Trends: Key Takeaways from Data Driven 2019 General Sessions

Data Driven 2019 was all about the increasingly innovative ways we are using data and showcasing companies that are leading the way. Whether you work in the entertainment industry, air travel, or sports, there are probably better ways to incorporate data into your business strategy then what you are currently doing. Below is a quote […]

5 Reasons to Consolidate Data Centers

Traditional data centers are a burden on today’s businesses. The format of massive data storage facilities requiring three to five years of fixed planning with a limited lifespan that will probably fill up too early is being replaced by moving corporate workloads to more flexible cloud based solutions. Oracle CEO Mark Hurd predicts that within ten years, […]

What Space Saving and Security Advancements are Built into Actifio’s Technology?

Compression and encryption are everywhere.   Whether you are uploading videos to Facebook, watching Netflix or doing online shopping or banking,  you will be interacting with systems that are (hopefully) employing the best available compression and encryption for your connection.   The goals being a fast easy experience that is also secure. For the user, the main […]

5 Reasons to Upgrade to S4 HANA from ECC

SAP is an application that powers many of today’s leading businesses and is the very definition of a business critical system.  Because of this, users are very careful when it comes to making changes to production SAP environments as outages can be impactful.  Over time, SAP has evolved from the original ERP R3 to ECC […]

BigQuery vs RedShift Pricing

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog post highlighting  4 Key Benefits of BigQuery.  One of the areas that I mentioned was pricing. In this blog, I wanted to highlight the pricing models available from Google BigQuery, AWS RedShift and AWS RedShift Spectrum.  As part of the process, I will highlight the strengths and […]