Leadership In The Face of Crisis

Leadership In The Face of Crisis

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken the entire planet by storm. It is pandemic which is impacting all sectors and testing the ability of all entities – human beings and business entities alike, to survive. It is Darwinism at its best. The financial markets have lost about 8 trillion dollars since a month ago and the […]

How Copy Data Management Fuels Topline Growth

how copy data management can fuel Topline growth

What is common between Airbnb, Lyft, Twitter, Facebook, and Skype? Also, what is common between enterprise-focused companies such as GitHub, Slack, Okta, and Actifio? Andreesen Horowitz. They have been an investor in every one of these companies. Marc Andreesen made one of the most profound statements of the last decade: “Software is eating the world”. […]

What is Virtual Database Cloning?

What is virtual database cloning

77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system!!!  Chances are high that every enterprise has a mission-critical application built around a database such as Oracle, HANA, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Db2 or MongoDB. And these enterprises’ #1 priority is to release new features ASAP. Why? Because this reduces time-to-market and allows them […]

Leveraging External Snapshot Pools to Drive Superior Performance, Scalability and Availability for Test Data Management

Driving superior performance, scalability, and availability For Test Data Management Leveraging External Snapshot Pools

How to put your test environments on steroids Actifio has long supported external storage snapshot pools for creating a golden master copy of the database and creating virtual clones on demand for Test Data Management.  Here are some of the benefits of leveraging storage array native snapshot with Actifio: Application Consistent: All snapshots are application-consistent […]

A New Decade, Pace of Change Only Quickens: My Crystal Ball

Predictions season has become like Christmas season. It starts too early and by the time the new year begins the fatigue has set in from too many egg nogs and too many expert pundits. I read a lot of the predictions from the technology world. Since we started Actifio 10 years ago, we’ve lived through […]

Managing Cloud Snapshots at Scale in a Multi-Cloud World

Managing Cloud Snapshots at Scale in a Multi-Cloud World

At the 2019 AWS Reinvent in Las Vegas, I had a fascinating discussion with Shawn, Director of Cloud Architecture at a very large enterprise that specializes in online payment processing. They had a massive army of 10,000+ VMs in GCP and AWS. Like many others, Shawn’s team was under the impression that you don’t need […]

How Data Plays a Role in the Future of Lean Manufacturing

lean manufaturing

Today, data is everywhere, being created by countless sources, from IOT devices to video capture to internet behaviors. In many industries, data is poised to be of even greater importance in the coming years. One way that data is predicted to have a huge impact is in manufacturing industries, specifically in companies that employ the […]

3 Reasons Why Test Data Management Is More Important Than You Think!

A few days back one of my colleagues, who happens to work in the QA division of a big financial organization, narrated an incident which his manager was extremely bothered with. “You take all necessary measures to do a proper functional system testing. You do everything to identify and retest all the defects. At the […]

3 Modern Data Trends: Key Takeaways from Data Driven 2019 General Sessions

Data Driven 2019 was all about the increasingly innovative ways we are using data and showcasing companies that are leading the way. Whether you work in the entertainment industry, air travel, or sports, there are probably better ways to incorporate data into your business strategy then what you are currently doing. Below is a quote […]

What is Digital Transformation?

Over the course of the end of the 20th century and into the start of the 21st century, one cannot deny that the world has been  completely reshaped and transformed. One of the key ways to stay successful as a business is to constantly stay up to date with customer needs.  with the digitalization of […]

3 Major Trends Driving Effective Test Data Management Strategies

Test Data Management (TDM) has become a very important part of software testing process. TDM is evolving and undergoing constant refinement with rapid changes in technology landscape and software development process. A lot of organizations work with fast changing business goals to reach out to end customers. This requires that the test data is available […]