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Actifio 6.0 – Broader, Deeper, Better, Faster.

We are pretty excited about all of the great new features we announced yesterday. Actifio 6.0 is our biggest software release to date and represents a dramatic platform expansion for hundreds of Actifio users, channel partners and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) in 23 countries around the world. With the new capabilities delivered in 6.0, we’ve expanded the scope of Actifio as a strategic, application-defined copy data management platform. The new features enable enterprises to instantly store, protect, manage and access their data in new ways for dramatically agile datacenter operations.

In the coming days on this blog, we will be reviewing in detail some of the amazing ways that Actifio 6.0 provides a new strategic enterprise information platform, but here is a short recap in case you didn’t catch the press release yesterday.


Actifio 6.0 delivers broader business agility and deeper business resiliency.

By virtualizing data and enabling users to access anything instantly, we’ve been imaging the possibilities with our user community and the result is a platform that enables greater business agility by leveraging that instant access to data for many purposes. One of these is the ability to provision data for development and test data management (see “better apps faster” below) in a way that dramatically improves efficiencies. This is really just scratching the surface of what such a platform for instant access of enterprise data can deliver. More on that soon.

Actifio 6.0 not only provides broader agility, it delivers even deeper business resiliency than before. The 6.0 release deepens enterprise application support across major enterprise platforms, including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, SAP, Oracle, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, and IBM iSeries. Actifio’s advanced integration now covers the majority of all enterprise applications providing deeper data protection and business continuity across the board.


Better apps, faster.

Actifio 6.0 helps to accelerate development through self-service data provisioning for development and testing and automated dev/test workflows. New roles-based controls enable users to self-provision test instances and Actifio LiveCloneTM provides space-efficient, live-updated independent virtual copies of data. The result? Better apps, at higher quality, 300% faster.


Better clouds, faster.

The new release of Actifio delivers a “business-in-a-box” for service providers with new capabilities that enable Cloud Service Providers to rapidly launch new services; including DevOps and dev/test services, backup/recovery and archive-as-a-service from a single platform. New capabilities around multi-tenancy, on-boarding, billing/reporting, and security provide a powerful platform to enable CSPs.


Actifio Anywhere

Actifio 6.0 supports mobile access to the platform via native mobile applications for iPhones and iPads as well as Android devices. Mobile apps will enable administrators and executives to monitor their business SLAs wherever they may be.


2013 is the Year of Copy Data.

We have been excited to see how the market is embracing the copy data story and waking up to the power of copy data storage to deliver business value. From recent events in Europe to Japan and Korea, and most recently in Australia, companies and partners have shared with us their very real stories of what deeper business resiliency and better business agility mean to them. With Actifio 6.0, 2013 is shaping up to not only to be the Year of Copy Data, but also the year where our Copy Data Storage system becomes a Copy Data Storage platform used to drive both business resiliency as well as business agility. We couldn’t be more excited.

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