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Announcing the PAS 20T

This morning we announced the availability of our new PAS 20T, an all-in-one copy data management storage system designed for the mid-market, featuring zero-administration, and zero-install. PAS 20T is a single, virtualized solution for data protection, disaster recovery, business continuity, test and development or any application that creates copies of production data, and you can get the details of the release here.

The PAS 20T is designed to protect up to 20 Terabytes of production data. It complements the enterprise scale enhancements of our 5.0 release a few weeks back, which will now be known as Actifio PAS Enterprise. The naming convention of the 20T is something you’re likely to see more of, as we complete and simplify the full line of Actifio PAS models.

The PAS 20T is an industry-first copy data management solution built to protect both physical and virtual servers running Linux and Windows, including object level recovery for Microsoft File Server, SQL Server, Exchange and SharePoint. We’re launching the system at VMWorld because it’s ideal for VMware environments, directly integrating through the VMware vStorage API to virtualize the common data management functions – Copy, Store, Move and Restore – into a single, fully optimized, and dramatically more efficient storage platform.

The system is a self-contained unit, easy enough to use for a single-person IT shop. Our CEO Ash Ashutosh shared a few thoughts on why we developed the offering:

The cost and complexity of storage and data management tools have become major barriers for SMB markets to address enterprise-class data management business requirements like efficient data protection, disaster recovery or business continuity. By ushering virtualization technology into data management, Actifio is delivering the benefits users have come to expect from virtualization: radical simplicity, agility, instant recovery and access to data… all at 90 percent lower costs.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


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