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Actifio Tames the Database Beast at Oracle OpenWorld 2018

We are preparing and planning for our participation next week at the 2018 Oracle OpenWorld
conference in San Francisco (October 22-25). As always, we look forward to seeing many of our
customers and swapping news and ideas with our Oracle partners. Also, as you might guess, our
OpenWorld preparation includes a good deal of conversation about how businesses use Oracle and
what obstacles they may have in using it most effectively. After all, it isn’t unusual for an Oracle
database to be central to how a company operates – and how much it profits.

Our prep includes some background research. For example, we regularly hear from DBAs about their
challenges with large Oracle databases. We have found that as the percentage of multi-terabyte
Oracle databases has increased, the challenge of protecting and cloning databases becomes
unmanageable. Since nearly a third of DBAs are dealing with these massive databases, it’s a big issue.
A large part of the challenge comes from the requirement for CPU, storage, I/O and network intensive
database backups which are often performed nightly if not more frequently. Add to that the need to
create database clones for DevOps purposes, and it is no surprise that costs can rapidly spin out of

Part of our job is to help customers manage these unmanageable databases. We regularly see
customers leverage Actifio technology and find that backup windows shrink by 20x and recovery times
decline to minutes even for multi-TB databases. In fact, we have helped customers protect and clone
huge Oracle databases and have seen them grow to 30-100 terabyte sizes. And yes, we even see some
100+TB ones. Although I may be stating the obvious since they just had the 44 th International
Conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB) in Rio.

Applications with these massive databases are mission critical to the enterprise and easily attract 60%
to 80% of IT budget, which makes them not only important but very expensive. VLDBs of 50 TB or 100
TB also incur significant compute, storage, and DB license costs. But, as noted above, a major
complaint of DBAs is difficulty in managing protection and cloning, and it’s easy to see why. Significant
costs are taken up by copies of production databases that are created for backup, replication, disaster
recovery, application development, QA testing, UAT, data warehousing and analytics. That’s a lot of
copies! It’s also where we can help the most. And it’s why we enjoy attending Oracle OpenWorld. Lots
of DBAs to help to tame their Database Beasts!

Our conference objectives are pretty practical. We plan to share some ideas, explain why Actifio is an
excellent fit for Oracle, and have some fun.

Actifio will have a booth (#3105) on the show floor and will be featured in two main theater presentations.
We’ll show you how to protect even the most massive databases and how to accelerate application
development using Actifio to create instant database clones. Ask us how to redefine Oracle database
management using Actifio as a single solution for backup, instant recovery, and cloning, on-premises
or in the public cloud. Yep. You can do that.

So, if you plan to attend Oracle Open World, come by our booth to grab an collectable Actifio t-shirt and enter our raffle to win a scale model Lego death star. Our mascot Larry the Bear (@ActifioBeast on Twitter) will also be there. (Guess who he’s named after.) He’s friendly and funny and represents how we help you tame the biggest baddest databases anywhere. You can even feed him. (He likes chocolate.)

Details on our live sessions are below.

See you at the show!

Instant Backup and Recovery of Oracle Databases On-Premises or in the Cloud [THT6893]
Do you want to protect even the largest databases instantly? Would you like to recover a 50TB database in less than 10 minutes? Want to leverage the cloud? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, join this session and get insights from Actifio into new methods to instantly protect and recover even the largest Oracle Databases either on- premises or in the cloud. The session also covers advanced Oracle Automatic Storage Management concepts and how you can use rebalance integration to automate data
movement post recovery. Also, stop by the Actifio booth to see a live demo of a multi-TB database recovery in Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Cloud Platform: Management Cloud
Your Cloud Transformation Roadmap: IT Operations: Secure Your Cloud
Sessions By Topic: Your Cloud Success, Today
Session Type: Theater Session
SPEAKER: Jay Livens, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Actifio

SCHEDULE: Monday, Oct 22, 10:00 a.m. – 10:20 a.m. | The Exchange @ Moscone South – Theater 5

Accelerate DevOps with Instant Oracle Database Clones [THT6900]
Attend this session to learn how to leverage Actifio to deliver a comprehensive solution to integrate Oracle Databases with DevOps. This session covers how Actifio enables provisioning of database clones instantly while consuming no disk space and ensuring the security requirements are maintained. Additionally, the session highlights Actifio’s API and how it enables integration with third-party orchestration tools and enables developer self-service. Stop by the Actifio booth to see a live demo of a multi-TB database
clone creation in Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Database Cloud Service, Cloud Infrastructure
Your Cloud Transformation Roadmap: IT Operations: Operate Application Lifecycles, Building:
Extend Data and Applications, Building: Develop New Applications, Building: Deploy New Applications
Sessions By Topic: Modernize IT Operations
Session Type: Theater Session
Jay Livens, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Actifio

SCHEDULE: Tuesday, Oct 23, 12:00 p.m. – 12:20 p.m. | The Exchange @ Moscone South – Theater 5

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