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Actifio Strengthens Its Data-as-a-Service Vision with App-Centric Approach in the Multi-Cloud and DevOps Era

Leading Analyst Firm IDC Says Data-Driven Enterprises Are Finding
‘Infrastructure-Centric Approach is Proving Inadequate’

Actifio’s 2018 customer and partner conference was named “Data-Driven.” The name will remain for our 2019 conference (Boston in June) because we know that every enterprise in or moving to multi-cloud strategies starts with data challenges. How to manage it. How to migrate it. How to move it among cloud providers. How to accelerate analytics and assure protection. We have seen it in every customer engagement. Attendees at the conference confirmed it. Effective data management strategies are essential to extracting data value, and Actifio has become a vital component of that strategy for many major enterprises.

So, it’s especially encouraging to have an unsolicited opinion from a leading independent research analyst reinforce our data-centric perspective. In IDC’s judgement, data protection strategies need to move from being infrastructure-centric to becoming application- and database-centric. Because as data is widely, unpredictably, and dynamically spread, organizations need to protect “centers of data” rather than data centers.”

In IDC’s view, Actifio strengthened its position in 2018 on multiple fronts to become a “data enabler” for enterprises, according to a recent Market Note. “What differentiates Actifio’s Data as a Service (DaaS) vision is its holistic approach toward data management and an application-centric view that is essential in the era of multi-cloud, DevOps, and tougher regulations.” (“Actifio Strengthens Its Data-as-a-Service Vision with App-Centric Approach in the Multicloud and DevOps Era,” (doc #EMEA44399818, OCTOBER 2018).)

“Actifio is strengthening its DaaS offering by forging new alliances with database vendors, as well as cloud and data infrastructure vendors,” stated the report. “It is also using $100 million in recent funding in engineering efforts . . . to help enterprises modernize their infrastructure-oriented data management strategies.”

“The year 2018 is significant for data virtualization and DaaS vendor Actifio,” continued the report. “In IDC’s opinion, its roster of 3,500 customers, this new funding, new alliances, and deeper integration with adjacent data infrastructure vendors can propel Actifio to the next phase of growth in 2019 and beyond.”


The IDC Market Note also said, “As a disruptor in the copy data management space, Actifio has established its credibility as an innovator. It is poised to become a key player in shaping the future of data protection in the multi-cloud and DevOps world, that is, if it continues to broaden its capabilities and deliver rich data services beyond data protection to security, data location optimization, data migration, data visualization, orchestration, and synchronization, among others.”

We are well on our way to meeting all of those challenges. In 2018 we helped enterprises accelerate customers’ adoption of hybrid and multi-cloud data management services. We now offer the broadest range of cloud support available, spanning Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, VMware Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud. And we protect our customers’ existing investments with hybrid and on-premises solutions for VMware, HyperV, Nutanix, Linux, Windows, AIX, HP-UX and Solaris. Sure, that’s a lot, but in 2019 watch for more solutions, extended technologies, partnerships, alliances, and customer engagements. It’s going to be a fun year for all of us.

The IDC Market Note can be accessed in full via this link.

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