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Actifio is Easy to Love. [Video]

Over the last couple of weeks we have dug into some of the details surrounding our recent product announcements. There are a lot of exciting things going on at Actifio these days. The new Actifio product configurations have made Actifio even easier to buy. Getting started with our new utility pricing model has made Actifio even easier to approve. A host of great new features in our 5.1 release have made Actifio even easier to use. And, the new installation wizard has slashed implementation times to make Actifio even easier to deploy.

But as good as all these new things are, it is easy to forget that the core value of the system is nothing less than transformational for those IT managers using Actifio for data protection, business continuity and more. In that sense, we think Actifio is easy to love. But, we recognize we are biased.

So once again, we can’t say it anywhere nearly as effectively as Daniel Acosta, IT Director from MC Assembly, does. Check out the video below to hear his thoughts on the impact Actifio has made in his environment. We love making customers happy. That is liquid gold to us…

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