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Actifio GO – the Copy Data Management SaaS Platform

Actifio GO Announement

Over 9 years ago, we did the pioneering research in identifying that Copy Data was not only the source of exploding storage costs, but also the source of exponentially increasing time needed to protect and recover data, time needed to allow developers and analytics to access data, and the time needed to ensure governance and compliance of data. On an average, 13 copies of production data were being stored in individual silos of storage systems and at least 8 different tools were being used to manage lifecycle of data.

Actifio ushered in the industry’s first single solution for Copy Data Management, based on two key technologies; data virtualization and data pipelining, to not only reduce storage costs by over 90%, but also reduce data protection and recovery times by over 100X, accelerate application development and analytics by 5X and deliver industry’s fastest cyber resiliency, governance and compliance solutions that. We did this by creating the golden copy of data which consisted of objects that integrated Data with three pieces of contextual information: Production application that this data belonged to, the time at which this data was created and the SLA that defines the lifecycle of this Data. This self-describing object allowed us to change the data management paradigm from the traditional infrastructure-up approach with silos or tools and storage to a single pipeline architecture that was Application-down, infrastructure agnostic, but infrastructure-aware model.

Backup and Recovery times were now independent of data size. Pipelining architecture allowed developers to instantly access most-recent virtual copies of data as an integral part of their CI/CD pipeline, analytics tools had instant access to data for iterative ML tools. The reduced data surface area and single point of control increased data security and cyber resilience. Admins at all times could answer the question: “Do you know where your data is and who is using it?”, because they had complete visibility into what data was under control, where it is and who is accessing it. Today over 3,500 enterprises undertake data driven transformation initiatives using Actifio solutions.

About 3 years ago, our customer began adoption of cloud platforms and, with the lack of copy data management solutions in these cloud platforms, Copy Data problems once again exploded. We began developing in cloud-native technologies to leverage the agility, scale and lowered costs of cloud platforms and, in Oct 2017, announced our biggest software release since inception, supporting 6 different public cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle, IBM, VMC. We pioneered cloud-mobility technology to efficiently move data between clouds, while performing the necessary data and image transformation. We made Object storage a first class storage platform with our OnVault technology allowing applications to directly access object storage just like block storage, driving down costs by 100X, enabling massive cloud scale, lowering management costs and eliminating the need for deduplication. Organizations like Live Nation, SAP, DexCom, Sanmina, Duke Energy are among global enterprises that have been able to leverage Actifio solutions to deliver on the promise of agility, scale and lower costs of the cloud platforms.

Working closely in partnership with our customers, we also identified that “Cloud” was more than rented datacenter. It was about a new “Cloud-Experience”; fundamentally different model that was self-service in how they learned, evaluated, procured, used, expanded and got support for services. Many of our largest customers had already deployed Actifio solutions as a service in their internal private cloud platforms and they measured public cloud platforms by 5 key metrics: Self-serviceability, agility, speed, scale and costs. We worked with them closely to bring that same experience to our solutions.

Today, we are announcing Actifio GO as the next generation multi-cloud Copy Data Management SaaS solution that delivers the cloud experience: a complete self-service model where users can learn, evaluate, procure, expand and get support at the lowest cost in the industry. They are able to protect data, leverage it to accelerate application development and analytics anywhere, ensure that they are cyber resilient and can meet the governance and compliance requirements. On any cloud platform. At the highest efficiency levels in the market.

With a multi-cloud capability, users are no longer locked into any cloud platform. Our VDX, cloud mobility, OnVault and orchestration technologies, combined with data virtualization and data pipelining technologies allow a user to seamless move their data, applications and even entire data  centers from one cloud platform to another. We are truly ushering a new era where “Data is the new infrastructure”, always resilient, accessible anywhere and optimized for whatever underlying infrastructure is used.

Go to and let us share with you the new experience of engaging with Actifio.

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