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Actifio Featured in FORTUNE Cover Story

I’m a digital guy. While I used to love the feel of The New York Times in my hands, today I consume most content digitally, and am happy to do so.

I certainly monitor Actifio’s press digitally. I’m old enough to remember a time when agencies sent actual ripped out magazine pages to their clients. It seems almost quaint.

Today I came across a copy of Fortune Magazine. It included an article I’d already known we were mentioned in. I hadn’t realized it was the cover story. And I didn’t know it featured a shot of Ash.

It kind of blew me away.

Anyway… here are the highlights. In all their analog glory. Digitized, for your protection.

Go Actifio.



Fortune 1aFortune 1b

Fortune 2aFortune 2b

Fortune 3aFortune 3b


(Ed. – You can read the article here, if you go for that sort of thing.)

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