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Actifio: Easy to Deploy. [Video] Up and running in 15 minutes.

With the new features in our 5.1 software, we’ve made it even easier to start cleaning up your copy data.  Since we first shipped Actifio in 2010, our users have deployed our Copy Data Storage solution in a wide variety of environments, each with their own unique requirements.  As we have rolled out to hundreds of customers, we’ve gotten really good at making the installation easier, more streamlined, and, to be honest, actually kind of fun.  In this 5.1 release, all of these best practices are now built right into a new wizard-based installation service that accelerates deployment time by 80%.  In fact, we were just with a user who installed his 3rd Actifio 100T in 15 minutes using this new software functionality.  Getting started cleaning up copy data is now easier than ever, but our customers can explain this better than we ever could.

“We deployed the 100T and within fifteen minutes Actifio was configured and online. An hour later it was customized to our environment, backing up, deduplicating and replicating to our DR facility 3000 miles away,” said Daniel Acosta, IT Director, MC Assembly. “If something goes wrong, now I just go back in time and mount the snapshot directly from Actifio.  To our users it looks like a server reboot, to us it’s the ultimate peace of mind.”

Listening to Daniel talk about his Actifio installation experience is even better than reading his quote. Check out the video below. It’s very cool.


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