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Actifio: Easy to Buy

Actifio creates products that radically simplify the often complex, multi-vendor world of data storage for protection, resilience, retention, development automation, and analytics.   These products can be customized and tuned for individual customer environments, applications, host types, and even remote sites.  Over the course of 2012, as more companies around the globe bought and deployed Actifio, patterns began to emerge regarding the configurations.  Actifio is a very data-driven company, and the customer data guided the development of new product packaging that Actifio is introducing in Q1 2013.   It’s just one of the recent announcements that covers how Actifio is making copy data storage easy.

One pattern that was abundantly clear is that customers would deploy an initial configuration – typically less than 100TB to begin – then expand their footprint over time.  This was a clear reflection of the low-risk nature of deploying Actifio.   Many customers would pick a specific use case or application, and deploy Actifio in parallel with an existing solution.   Once the power of the copy data storage solution was clear, the decommissioning of redundant products and/or reclamation of underutilized storage could begin.

So, that led us to create a model designation of the 100T – a product that can protect up to 100TB of production data in a single unit.   The 100T is a complete, turnkey solution including Actifio software, and the highly available software appliance and storage.  Multiple 100Ts can be combined to support larger environments.    And we’ve created several pre-packaged configurations of the 100T, ranging from a 7TB remote office / branch office (100T-ROBO), up to the maximum capacity 100T-100.  Each of these standard configurations is pre-packaged, simply priced, and available today.

Some customers – particularly service providers – have a preference to utilize existing storage, or purchase storage directly from a preferred vendor.  Because of the extensive interoperability of Actifio software, and the powerful storage virtualization functionality included in the product, we introduced the Actifio Gateway to address these preferences.   The Actifio Gateway includes software and the highly available software appliance, and can utilize any Fibre-Channel attached storage.

And with either of our copy data storage products – the 100T or the Gateway – the complete software functionality of Actifio is included in the license: synchronous and asynchronous replication, patented Dedup Async replication, backup replication, SLA architect, SLA and Data Lifecycle manager, failover / failback automation, report manager, and more.

The Actifio 100T and Actifio Gateway continue Actifio’s pursuit of radical simplicity, and make our copy data storage solutions Easy to Buy.

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