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Actifio And The Cloud

So, we’ve been spending time here talking about cloud benefits and cautions in a general sense. Now, how about more specifically outlining how Actifio helps businesses use the cloud to transform? More than a blatant Actifio pitch, we’d like to highlight how cloud has the potential to move IT from a cost center to a value creator – reshaping possibilities, accelerating delivery and creating new business opportunity. We’ve already seen many traditional IT operations make the strategic decision to implement their own cloud. They’re becoming internal Service Providers with service catalogs aligned with their own business plans. They’re also selectively partnering with external Service Providers to integrate private, hybrid and public cloud capabilities.

Internal or external, Service Providers, face similar challenges from a rapidly evolving marketplace that demands differentiated cloud service offerings and cutting edge technology. They must respond quickly to line-of-business needs and perform cost effectively as client strategies swiftly transform.

“Push your business technology into the cloud and
get back to focusing on your core competencies.”
— Tom Cochran

Why Actifio for Cloud?


Actifio decouples data from infrastructure to deliver accelerated resiliency and agility benefits. Data is virtualized and made seamlessly available across the IT spectrum from traditional data center to private or public cloud, hybrid cloud or SaaS structures. Cost and complexity are reduced through capabilities that capture data, manage a single physical copy and make unlimited virtual copies securely available for instant access anywhere. Actifio provides a simple means to function across application stacks, platforms, operating systems, virtual environments and private or public cloud structures. Fine tuned resiliency controls are set per-application with precise recovery and retention policies.

Actifio provides a critical piece of the puzzle to accelerate your application development lifecycle. We reduce a developer’s dependence on IT systems, processes and IT teams by providing them with direct access to data through self-service dev-ops functionality. Data is seamlessly moved, replicated and managed across central, remote and cloud environments, removing the limits of location-based application design. Workflow, filters and data masking can be applied to customize the data management solution to meet the needs of software Dev & QA teams. This can help make software developers more productive, compress software development cycles and improve your time-to-market.

Actifio efficiency provides customers multiple cloud-based advantages for intelligent data protection and data access controls at a reduced cost. It functions across systems, architectures and operating environments. Beyond data protection and resiliency, it helps to greatly accelerate application development.

It’s a radically simple approach to data management in the cloud.

Take the example of an organization facing migration from Windows/Exchange/SQL 2003 to 2012. The transition can involve significant manual, error prone work, including duplicated infrastructure and excessive cost.

However, using an Actifio Copy Data Platform for migration enables simple test, validation, and complete cloud migration at 10x greater speed and 5x lower cost than the manual alternatives. It’s a simple solution to an otherwise complicated headache. And it immediately endows the new environment with resources of the fastest and easiest business resilience solution available.

We know that many enterprises will continue to operate traditional data centers as they develop new cloud-based services. Actifio can help by supporting cloud as a simple data repository or an entirely flexible secondary data center. Designs will shift as requirements change and projects are introduced or concluded. Some enterprises may stop at the initial step or move toward full migration into cloud-based IT services. Many will blend both approaches.

Using Actifio to effectively facilitate cloud data movement, and protection, customers can capitalize on cloud versatility and improve business economics.

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