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Actifians make Actifio the best place to work in Boston.

We’ve won some great awards in the last year, and we’re proud of all of them. But none mean more to us than being named to the Boston Business Journal’s 2014 list of the Best Places to Work in Boston.

Our people are the fuel powering this remarkable ride for us. The things we’ve achieved as a company all derive from the success we’ve achieved for our customers, and the people who make that happen are the same Actifians who responded in droves that they love coming to work. That’s awesome.

If you’re not familiar with it, this recognition is awarded based on responses to an anonymous survey of employees, and it honors the companies that have created the most enjoyable and meaningful work environments in the area. At Actifio, that comes from a culture that not only values excellence and skill, but also our desire to do something meaningful in taking responsibility for our customers’ success and for each other. Even our internal awards (called CARE (for Customer First, Accountability, Respect and Excellence) reflect a culture that’s about people, at it’s core. Because if you take care of the people, they’ll take care of the results.

fiesta300Despite the fact Actifio now operates across more than 30 countries, we feel like we’re part of one big family. It’s not just a place with challenging work, good pay, and great benefits (it’s rare to work somewhere that pays for your medical deductibles!). It’s a place where people know your name, your spouse’s name, and maybe even your dog’s. We meet family members at holiday parties and summer outings and that helps us remember that when we’re all here working late, our colleagues and their families alike contribute to our success. We have plenty of opportunity to meet other Actifians with whom we don’t work closely every day. Whether it’s celebrating Cinco de Mayo or a competition for the best food creation (sometimes cooked in a device home-built by an Actifio engineer!), Actifians gather and connect with each other. This really helps to transform functional departments into groups of people who we know, like, and want to support.

People really want to work here. Many people at Actifio work in a position at a lower level than they have previously worked (including several in the C-suite who have been CEOs themselves). That really shows how much people want to be part of this team and be part of what we are building here.

In the end, being named a Best Place to Work is a way of telling the world that the pride we feel in working here has been validated and recognized by those outside of the company. And that’s why it feels so good. So many of us love working here that the outside world sat up and noticed.

If all that sounds good to you, check out our job listings. The acceptance rate is a little lower than Harvard’s. But we sure could use some more help having fun and changing the world.

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