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A view from Oracle OpenWorld

david-100By David Meiselman, VP of Digital Marketing – We just returned from a great week in San Francisco attending Oracle OpenWorld. During a whirlwind week, we announced some big product enhancements, talked with thousands of Oracle users, and had a great dinner event with dozens of customers. We even saw an excellent concert with Aerosmith and Macklemore. Throughout the whole experience, it was remarkable how much the concept of Copy Data Virtualization resonated with everyone we encountered.

We had countless Enterprise Architects, infrastructure managers, and DBAs walk into our booth and say, “can you really provide a 10TB Oracle database to a dozen developers in minutes?” (The answer is yes). The best thing about this is that the conversations were all around business use cases, not just around technical details. Businesses have a massively growing need to use their application data in many different ways and they’re finding that the old infrastructure and old tool sets aren’t making it easy for them to use that data when and where they need it.

Developers are frustrated with how long it takes to get the data they need, andbooth-spin-440-300x214 the DBAs are frustrated at the process they are required to follow to create copies of data for developers, testers, and others. The infrastructure people are frustrated at all the storage and bandwidth it takes to stage those copies. For them, Copy Data Virtualization was tailor-made to address their issues and some very specific business pain. Needless to say, while the use-cases for Actifio’s platform are diverse and spread across resiliency, agility, and expanding the use of data in the cloud, the Dev and Test Data Management use case was the one that Oracle customers immediately found compelling.

The Oracle video team came by our booth on the show floor to hear more about how Actifio extends the power of Oracle to provide better management of Oracle data. Check out the video below to hear our own Chris Carrier describe our value proposition for Oracle users.

As is often the case at events of this size, the analysts and industry experts were out in force, meeting with vendors and covering the news from the industry. Our co-founder, David Chang, was interviewed on theCUBE and told a great story of the origins of the idea of copy data virtualization and relayed more about the value of Actifio for Oracle users. You can watch the full video of his interview below.

In all, it was a great week and you can be sure we’ll be returning next year to continue our conversations with the Oracle community.

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