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451 Research touts Actifio’s technology and growth in a new report.

Here at Actifio, we are building the next great technology company, one happy customer at a time. We think our story of Radically Simple Copy Data Management is compelling and it is gratifying when industry thought leaders agree and say so. In a new report issued this month, the analysts at 451 Research have added their voices to the conversation.

“Production data is, as we know, growing linearly. Actifio’s contention is that copy data – extra, unnecessary copies of production data – is growing exponentially, through layers of replication for data protection, disaster recovery and test and development. The company believes customers are spending more money on storing copies than on storing the original production data – much more. Actifio’s response is to develop what it describes as ‘radically simple copy data management.’ Its mission is to recover any data instantly for a fraction of the cost. The story resonates, not only with us but also with almost 140 enterprise and service­ provider accounts.“

The report concludes that Actifio has a “powerful cost-savings message” that resonates, not only with 451 Research, but with “IT organizations of all sizes.”

Download a copy of the 451 Research report >

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