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3 Critical Capabilities for Oracle Database Recovery Solutions

Critical Capabilities for Oracle Database Recovery Solutions

As businesses have become data-driven, their need to recover data on-demand has become more critical than ever. With data management capabilities for Oracle databases being so critical, there is an urgent need to ensure that data management solutions adhere to best practices and can be evaluated objectively by enterprises.

Here are 3 top consideration for a premier enterprise Oracle database recovery solution:

Instant recovery in minutes

Traditional backup and RMAN dump approaches take a lot of time to recover a database because of the need to copy the entire backup image from a backup server or RMAN dump location into the Oracle database. This process is typically compute, I/O and network intensive which further adds to the burden. Some solutions offer the ability to instant mount from deduplicated storage. The mount gives “access” to the RMAN dump files instantly. However, the recovery will be slow because of the “physical copy” from the mount point to the Oracle server.

With the above approaches, the larger the database, the longer the recovery time.

Thus, it’s very critical to have a capability that can allow DBAs/admins to recover a 1TB or 50+TB database instantly, in just minutes, which is typically achieved by mounting the backups instantly over Fibre Channel / iSCSI / NFS.

Recover a full machine with Oracle Database in AWS/Azure/Google Cloud

Many enterprises are leveraging public cloud for on-demand DR. Many Oracle databases run on on-premises physical servers or in VMs. An ideal solution would have the ability to recover the entire on-premises physical machine in the cloud and provide instant mount and recovery of the Oracle database to deliver low RTO.

Multi-cloud recovery in minutes

Some enterprises want to protect their Oracle databases in one cloud and replicate to another cloud provider for DR purposes. This is is similar to inter-region recovery except that the recovery option spans public clouds. (e.g., run in Amazon and have DR in Azure). Multi-cloud recovery enables users to avoid cloud vendor lock-in and hedge their risks and costs between multiple cloud vendors.

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