The Core Challenges in Getting to DevOps

We posted a blog a while back that highlighted a webinar we did with Jay Lyman of 451 Research titled Crush Your Application Release Cycles: How to Get 5 Quarters in a Year. Jay highlighted a 451 Research project and shared some specific insights about enterprise DevOps and cloud adoption. One of his conclusions was that enterprises […]

Security & the Internet of Things: Are Our Devices Safe?

After October’s massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in which several major web properties, including Twitter, Reddit, Spotify, Seamless were brought down by a botnet of hundreds of thousands of infected internet connected DVRs and cameras, there is a long list of questions to consider as the Internet of Things (IoT) takes hold. What about standards? […]

The Huge Advantages of Flash Storage

Flash storage has been cropping up more and more lately as the number of organizations adopting it keeps increasing. In fact, we recently announced our partnership with Pure Storage in October in which we’re offering a bundled test data management software solution built off of Pure’s flash storage. Back in 2014, we noted the increased […]

What We’re Thankful For: Our People

As we take the time to reflect on this past year and think about what we’re thankful for, one thing immediately comes to mind. Our people. When those of us who work here speak to others about Actifio, our natural inclination is to go right to our innovative technology. That’s what got us started. That’s the […]

The Top Priorities and Setbacks Enterprises Face In Application Development

There are few things more valuable to any business than direct customer feedback. It’s how we test ideas – old and new. It’s how we decide to change. So we asked TechValidate to help us understand what customers and potential customers are thinking. They’re a trusted neutral party and have helped us validate our own […]

Building a Global Company

We focus on running the business, on growing it and helping our customers succeed. But sometimes we need to take a step back and appreciate what we’ve built, how far we’ve come. Of course it’s a huge team effort, although sometimes it all depends on a single intrepid team member. This struck me in particular […]

Why Are CIOs Demanding Hybrid Cloud?

Amazon AWS is approaching $10 billion annual revenue, Microsoft Azure is approaching $3 billion annual revenue, Oracle Cloud is positioning themselves as THE enterprise cloud for customers. When a virtualization giant like VMware and a cloud giant like AWS partner at an engineering level to deliver VMware on AWS bare metal, so that customers can […]

Fast is the New Big – A New Solution to Enable the Digital Enterprise

Every week, it seems like I meet someone in IT who says, in so many words, “we’re now a software company in the (blank) industry”. In the last month alone, I’ve heard that at an automotive manufacturer, a national bank, and a utility company. What scares these people the most is the acknowledgement that they […]

2016 is radically different from 2008

Nope. It’s not about the changing US presidency. This is about a change of guard happening in the technology space. Hybrid Cloud is for real now. Real to the point that VMware is working closely with AWS for a seamless hybrid cloud experience. There are a number of aspects that have changed in the last […]

How to recover 88 VMs From a Starbucks Cafe

Your data center is in the east coast. It’s October. You know those hurricanes are churning up somewhere in the Atlantic. It’s not a question of “if” but a question of “what category” hurricane will strike. So you make it a high priority to talk to your backup and disaster recovery (DR) team. The backup […]

Is Your “Instant Recovery” Scalable?

Imagine this – You have a production environment with 100+ VMs, and you have a problem in a subset of your environment, and you now need to recover 30 VMs. Chances are high that your “instant recovery” (using a non Actifio solution) will not scale, and the end to end process will be very stressful. […]

Copy Data Management = Polymorphism

I’d like to share a fascinating insight from a customer. Our sales team asked me to join them for a face-to-face discussion with the company’s VP of development and his team. After the introductions, he explained the key problem. His Dev & QA teams were struggling to execute their unit testing, build integration testing, and […]