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2013 – The Year Of Copy Data [Video]

Today, Actifians and partners have gathered from across the globe to plan and rally for the year ahead of us. We may be born global, but today we focus on our gathering in Boston. The level of preparation and care for this event has been extraordinary, perhaps only matched by the level of opportunity that lays in front of us.

We have been talking about the storage explosion and the copy data problem for some time now, but 2013 is an inflection point. 2013 is the year that the disk cost for storing copies of data passes the disk cost for production data. And, the total cost of storing copy data is 5X that of production. Think about that. We spend 5x the cost on storing copies of our stuff than we do on our stuff…

The copy data explosion is the issue and Actifio is the solution. The story is resonating and customers are coming to Actifio. We grew 700% year over year in 2012. Not bad at all.

But 2013 is shaping up to be something very special. We have the solution to an enormous problem that will get a lot of attention this year. As the video (produced by our awesome team) below demonstrates, we are aligned and geared up for the year to come. 2013 – The Year Of Copy Data.

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