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10 Must Read DevOps Articles to Stay in the Know for 2016

It is becoming more and more common for enterprises to implement DevOps practices. The benefits that come from this implementation are exponential. Heading into the new year, we think it’s important to share these 10 articles to show how leaders are adopting DevOps and the value it provides.

1. A Quick Refresher: DevOps

By David Auslander

devops1“The DevOps Enterprise Summit last month had a record number of attendees and speakers, all of whom were there to discuss the tremendous positive impact DevOps is having within the enterprise. When representatives of financial services companies (not the usual industry of early adoption) such as ING, CapitalOne and Bank of America are listed among the speakers, it’s time to pay attention. This and the preponderance of articles presenting evidence that enterprises of all kinds are showing tremendous gains through the implementation of DevOps practices, has to get the rest of the technical community thinking.”

2. From Teams to Tribes: Creating a one-team culture in DevOps

devops2By Em Campbell-Pretty

“One of the challenges facing organizations wanting to move toward DevOps is the clash of cultures between dev and ops. In my view, this divide is not unlike others we find in most organizations, like business vs. technology, agile vs. waterfall, or in-house vs. vendor. To be effective, teams or teams of teams need to break through these barriers to become one team, or what I like to call a tribe.”

3. The DevOps Dilemma

devops3By Martin Cooper
“At a time when the speed of application development is vital to commercial success, the DevOps methodology – based on communication, collaboration, integration and automation – has become one of the biggest IT moves around. However, it’s more than just a business philosophy; to do it right requires genuine infrastructure investment and development.”

4. How Can DevOps Accelerate Innovation?

devops4By Dan Kobialka

“What could revamped DevOps mean for independent software vendors? MSPmentor 501 honoree Logicalis has identified several ways the cloud can enhance the development process for ISVs. The New York-based managed service provider noted the cloud “can facilitate DevOps changes and accelerate innovation within the software developer’s organization.”


5. DevOps Tips: IT Managers Reveal How to Get the Best From DevOps

devops5By Matthew Finnegan

“DevOps may have been around for a while now, but adoption is finally heading towards the mainstream. According to a recent Gartner study, DevOps will be deployed by around 25 percent of Global 2000 companies by next year. As the portmanteau suggests, DevOps is a management and technology strategy that involves closer collaboration of developer and operations teams – roles which have traditionally been siloed within IT departments. It promises to remove IT as a bottleneck within businesses, enabling faster software releases and greater application reliability.”

6. High Performance Teams in DevOps

devops_opposition_imgBy Kris Bliesner

“The secret to DevOps maturity isn’t technology or process, but people. It takes engaged leadership and all-for-one cooperation to achieve the kind of results that lead companies to superior IT performance. High-performing DevOps teams can recover 168 times faster from failures and have 60 times fewer failures due to changes, according to the 2015 State of DevOps Report by Puppet Labs. High-performing teams also release code at significantly increasing velocity as their teams grow in size, approaching three deploys per day per developer, for teams of around 1000 developers.”

7. 7 Signs You’re Doing DevOps Wrong

devops6By Adam Bertram

“Devops is a transformative ethos that many companies are putting to their advantage. As with anything that hinges on culture, however, it can be too easy to slap together a few tools, sprinkle in new processes, and call yourself a devops-fueled organization. After all, saying that your company embraces devops and regularly practices devops techniques is popular nowadays, and it can serve as great PR for bringing in great talent to your team. But in truth, many companies — and technical recruiters — that are proclaiming their devotion to devops from the hilltops aren’t really devops organizations. Here we take a look at some of the most common misconceptions and flawed implementations of devops.”

8. The State of DevOps in 2016

devops8By Ben Rossi

“DevOps has significant importance to any company delivering software or technical services today…

Defining DevOps is trickier than you would think, primarily because of its wide usage. It is essentially shorthand, and nothing more than that, for a lean approach to software delivery.”


9. Piecing Together the Elements of DevOps

devops9By Aruna Ravichandran

“Sometimes when a concept as transformative as DevOps comes along, it’s easy to forget that subsequent adoption represents a highly complex and iterative process. While it’s clear that some organizations are already deeply leveraging DevOps to embrace the Applications Economy and Digital Transformation, it’s no surprise that for many organizations this process has only just begun. So where have today’s organizations made the most progress, and what are the most significant challenges that practitioners continue to face?”

10. Setting a DevOps Mindset for 2016

devops10By Derek Langone

“What does DevOps need to overcome for a successful 2016? The move to marry development and operations continues to gain momentum…For all of its collaborative benefits, and the potential savings in terms of time and money, there are still some challenges ahead. Affecting real, long-lasting, and stable change requires the right balance of technology and data, with people and process. There’s no quick fix solution, but if DevOps is to conquer the enterprise, these questions should enter the mindset for the New Year.”

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