Multi-Cloud and the Challenge of Lock-In

Multi-cloud is a nascent buzzword in IT, and yet not everyone understands what it is or why it matters, and so let’s explore it.

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cloud trends

5 Cloud Computing Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

We are now well into 2018 and increasingly a lot of enterprise business owners and IT executives are turning their attention to how they can use latest technology and innovations in the cloud computing industry to achieve their 2018 business objectives. We have compiled a list of 5 cloud computing trends that strategic business owners have to watch out for in the coming few months in 2018:

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vmware backup to cloud

The Economics of VMware Backup to the Cloud

What if you were able to protect 100 TB of on-premises VMware VMs and achieve low RTO, low RPO and data retention for just 3.5 cents per protected GB-month in the cloud? 3.5 cents per protected GB-month means $3.5K per month, $130K in 3 years.

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it culture hacks

7 IT Culture Hacks to Improve Team Development

Changing the culture of an IT team can be challenging, yet rewarding.  Creating a motivational, meaningful and positive atmosphere among IT offers a the opportunity to grow together as a team.  The literal environment can be loud and cramped with few human interactions and lots of work to do.  But the quality of an IT department’s culture can be crucial to lowering team and company attrition, seeing better business results, and growing each team member personally and professionally.  Here are some ideas on how to strengthen the bond between the team, build a strong(er) culture and improve team member capabilities.

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migrate data to the cloud

How Are You Going to Migrate Your Data to Public Cloud?

There’s no debate that the public cloud is here to stay. High tech trends like digital transformation, broader enterprise workload support, and new areas of innovation are driving massive public cloud adoption. In fact, IDC forecasts a 17.7% CAGR in public cloud usage through 2021 with yearly revenues hitting over $550 billion per year!1 A lot of that growth will be fueled by companies migrating existing on-premises workloads to the public cloud.

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Achieving GDPR Compliance with Actifio
future of cloud

The Future of Cloud – An Interview with Integrity Pro Cloud’s Cloud Specialist, Nagash Palepu

In the past two years, the enterprise has quickly adopted the cloud.  In 2016, if you had asked IT leaders how they were incorporating cloud into their strategy, the majority were planning their entry or dabbling in cloud.  Most recently, IT leaders are up to their neck in cloud, digitally transforming their IT infrastructure and migrating whole data sets to AWS.

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endpont security

Endpoint Security: A Data Security Discussion with Digital Immunity

We sit down with John Murgo, CEO of Digital Immunity, in our final video discussing endpoint security.

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What to Consider when Evaluating a Backup and DR Solution in the Cloud

Remember the dreadful feelings of high anxiety and inertia when you had to move to a new house?  It’s no doubt painful and something you would only want to do a few times in your life. However, it also gives most people an opportunity to clean up the garage, donate or throw unwanted stuff away and start fresh in the new house.

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Cloud Services: An Interview with Relus Cloud

We have a quick conversation with Mark Metz, founder of Relus Cloud about the cloud, with topics including cloud migration, DevOps, backup and disaster recovery in the cloud, analytics and talent.   Check out the interview below.

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