cloud innovation

Cloud Innovation and Cloud Security: 5 Educational Videos

It’s inevitable. The cloud is here and it seems like there is no going back. Those that adopt the cloud begin to open up possibilities for business acceleration and growth that have the power to push them past competition. The cloud is drastically changing the world of data and applications, effectively pushing its way into affecting every industry. Is the cloud a real disruptive technology? And if businesses must adopt it, how do they ensure security as they do? Continue reading for discussion and summary of five recent videos from experts on the cloud.

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devops culture

DevOps Culture Couture – How to Help Management and Engineers Develop a Successful DevOps Culture

DevOps can often be a daunting new approach to IT teams as it defies traditional methods with separate development and operations. The longstanding silos can seem impossible to remove, but the end goal, getting to market faster, seems well worth it. Furthermore, doesn’t an environment full of collaboration and communication seem a vast working improvement regardless of its market implications? We sat down to talk about three recent DevOps articles that offer advice on successful implementation focusing on the surrounding culture.

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devops challenges

DevOps Challenges & Triumphs: Go DevOps First with the Right People and the Right Environment

DevOps has emerged as a revolutionary cultural movement that has been embraced by the technical community. An increasing number of companies are looking for experienced DevOps consultants as implementing the practice can be quite the undertaking. Though many companies yield substantial hesitations, especially large enterprises, the benefits outweigh the difficulties. Recent articles, summarized below, outline the importance and challenges of DevOps adoption, as well as some helpful tips to keep in mind along the way.

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hybrid cloud trends

Hybrid Cloud Trends: 4 Must-Read Articles for 2017

As I navigate the virtual highways and backroads of the interwebs, I am always searching for new content that interests me.  In this blog, I wanted share some recent articles related to Cloud adoption.

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backup software

Four Ways that Backup Software is Not Cutting It

Data is more critical today than ever before.  Recent statistics suggest that 90% of the data in the world has been created in the last two years, and as we look forward, new technologies like Internet of Things will accelerate data growth.  As our dependency on data increases, our need for continuous data access and consistent data protection becomes more critical than ever.

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disaster recovery plan

4 Ways to Avoid a Disastrous Disaster Recovery Plan

A disaster can happen to any company at any time.  Murphy’s law would even suggest that they will occur at the most inconvenient times, but I digress. In order to ensure business continuity in the face of these potential risks, it is vital to have a comprehensive and consistent DR plan.  Sadly, many companies do not devote the time, resources or budget to adequately protect their environment from these extreme outages.

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Cybersecurity, Ransomware, and Data Protection; a Discussion with Dr. John Meyers

Cybersecurity is a concern for employees at all levels of organizations today.  Ransomware is a new type of malware that has exploded on the market.  The US Government estimates that 4,000 attacks occur every day while IBM estimates that the attacks increased 6,000% in 2016.  

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2017 DevOps Trends: My 6 Favorite Articles

DevOps promises to improve application development agility, efficiency and reliability; yet, the concept is only about 9 years old.  New technologies are frequently introduced that promise significant improvements in the development process, and so each year, it is valuable where DevOps is going.  In this article, I will highlight six posts that prognosticate on 2017 trends.

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Providing Masked Data for Devops

Time and storage always seem to be in short supply when your business relies on multi-terabyte databases. An outage can put your business on hold for days, and provisioning up-to-date copies for development and test can be an enormous challenge. Actifio solves these challenges in spectacular fashion. Even huge databases can be online in minutes, in production, or in multiple development and test environments.

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Accelerating Jury Trials with Instant Access to Videos

According to UT Austin’s website, Police officers with University of Texas at Austin will now be equipped with portable video cameras that will be worn in front of their uniforms. The cameras will record official interactions only such as responding to emergency calls or making an arrest. The digital recordings will be retained for 90 days for routine content and for one year or longer if related to a specific criminal investigation. The purpose of these videos is manyfold such as deterring somebody from taking an irrational action while dealing with officers or using the videos as proof when needed in a trial.

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