Cybersecurity, Ransomware, and Data Protection; a Discussion with Dr. John Meyers

Cybersecurity is a concern for employees at all levels of organizations today.  Ransomware is a new type of malware that has exploded on the market.  The US Government estimates that 4,000 attacks occur every day while IBM estimates that the attacks increased 6,000% in 2016.  

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Providing Masked Data for Devops

Time and storage always seem to be in short supply when your business relies on multi-terabyte databases. An outage can put your business on hold for days, and provisioning up-to-date copies for development and test can be an enormous challenge. Actifio solves these challenges in spectacular fashion. Even huge databases can be online in minutes, in production, or in multiple development and test environments.

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Immutability, a Security Benefit of Enterprise Data-as-a-Service

Starting two weeks ago with the blog of our CEO, Ash Ashutosh, we have witnessed next evolutionary step in the progression of copy data management into Enterprise Data-as- a-Service (EDaaS). Last week in this forum, our own David Chang initiated a fascinating discussion about the security benefits EDaaS can bring to an enterprise. As security is such an important and hot topic across so many industries, this will be one of a few blogs on security.

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