what is an airgap

What is an Air Gap and Why Does It Matter?

What is an Air Gap and why does it matter?

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future of cloud

The Future of Cloud – An Interview with Integrity Pro Cloud’s Cloud Specialist, Nagash Palepu

In the past two years, the enterprise has quickly adopted the cloud.  In 2016, if you had asked IT leaders how they were incorporating cloud into their strategy, the majority were planning their entry or dabbling in cloud.  Most recently, IT leaders are up to their neck in cloud, digitally transforming their IT infrastructure and migrating whole data sets to AWS.

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endpont security

Endpoint Security: A Data Security Discussion with Digital Immunity

We sit down with John Murgo, CEO of Digital Immunity, in our final video discussing endpoint security.

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(Video) Data Security: A Conversation Between Actifio & Digital Immunity

In this video, John Meyer, CSO of Actifio, and John Murgo, CEO of Digital Immunity, sit down to discuss data security.  They discuss the hot buttons in data security, application security, the balance of securing and providing access to data, and much more.

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spectre and meltdown

A Few Thoughts on the Spectre & Meltdown Vulnerabilities

2018 has started off with a bang in the security arena. Shortly after ringing in the new year, security researchers disclosed the existence of the "Meltdown" and "Spectre" attacks on modern CPUs.  These vulnerabilities represent a very rare event in this industry: the discovery of an entire new class of attack.

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cloud security

Cloud Security: Protect Data in the Cloud

(Video) Cloud Security: A Roundtable Discussion with Digital Immunity and Actifio

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(Video) Actifio and Digital Immunity Talk Consumer Data Security, Apple Pay and Alexa

Actifio and Digital Immunity Talk Consumer Data Security

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Data Driven Predictions – An Interview with Rhonda Gass, VP and CIO of Stanley Black and Decker

This month we present Rhonda Gass, VP and CIO of Stanley Black and Decker, and former Vice President of IT Strategy, Technology and Governance for Dell Corporation, for a lively discussion of strategy; how to balance your investments as a CIO and the possibilities of data driven predictions.

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Enterprise Data Security

Enterprise Data Security: 4 Outcomes to Help Measure Success

Guest article by John Murgo, CEO of Digital Immunity

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Cybersecurity, Ransomware, and Data Protection; a Discussion with Dr. John Meyers

Cybersecurity is a concern for employees at all levels of organizations today.  Ransomware is a new type of malware that has exploded on the market.  The US Government estimates that 4,000 attacks occur every day while IBM estimates that the attacks increased 6,000% in 2016.  

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