The Impact of Customer Centric User Conferences

If you are an IT professional who’s been around a while, you probably remember when the big trade shows were industry events, not single-vendor conferences. COMDEX and CeBIT drew hundreds of thousands of people to Las Vegas and Hannover, Germany, respectively. Every vendor large enough to fill a booth exhibited at these events, and customers got a chance to learn about a lot of different options to keep their IT departments at the forefront of innovation and efficiency.

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Chinese spy chip

Chinese Spy Chip Explained – 6 Frequently Asked Questions Everyone is Asking

On Oct 4th, Bloomberg rocked the world with a report that claims Chinese spy agencies worked with sub-contractors in China to insert a small, rice grain-sized chip into motherboards that were assembled for SuperMicro. All the details (almost a 20 minute read) is in this Bloomberg news article.  Now known as the Chinese spy chip, many questions are swirling about the implications of the situation.

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Interview: Actifio CEO on Bloomberg Radio

Ash Ashutosh was interviewed on Bloomberg Baystate Business on August 7th, 2018 by Tom Maroney, Peter Barnes, Pat Carrol and Janet Wu.

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Enterprise Data Security

11 Must-Ask Questions When Aiming to Improve Your Cybersecurity Strategy

The headlines are filled with stories of cyber attacks, and most recently, sporting goods company Adidas reported a data breach.  2017’s Equifax breach was a major eye opener, not only because of the scope of the exposure but also for the regulatory, industry and brand backlash.  Ironically, the hack was attributed to a known software vulnerability that the Equifax team neglected to patch which is a relatively simplistic attack vector.  Hackers are becoming ever more sophisticated in their attacks and so companies need to prepare for assaults from multiple different angles beyond simple software patching.

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digital transformation

Why Being Data Driven is Important to Digital Transformation

Guest Post by Jonathan Brown, VP of Research at TechTarget

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what is an airgap

What is an Air Gap and Why Does It Matter?

What is an Air Gap and why does it matter?

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future of cloud

The Future of Cloud – An Interview with Integrity Pro Cloud’s Cloud Specialist, Nagash Palepu

In the past two years, the enterprise has quickly adopted the cloud.  In 2016, if you had asked IT leaders how they were incorporating cloud into their strategy, the majority were planning their entry or dabbling in cloud.  Most recently, IT leaders are up to their neck in cloud, digitally transforming their IT infrastructure and migrating whole data sets to AWS.

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endpont security

Endpoint Security: A Data Security Discussion with Digital Immunity

We sit down with John Murgo, CEO of Digital Immunity, in our final video discussing endpoint security.

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(Video) Data Security: A Conversation Between Actifio & Digital Immunity

In this video, John Meyer, CSO of Actifio, and John Murgo, CEO of Digital Immunity, sit down to discuss data security.  They discuss the hot buttons in data security, application security, the balance of securing and providing access to data, and much more.

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spectre and meltdown

A Few Thoughts on the Spectre & Meltdown Vulnerabilities

2018 has started off with a bang in the security arena. Shortly after ringing in the new year, security researchers disclosed the existence of the "Meltdown" and "Spectre" attacks on modern CPUs.  These vulnerabilities represent a very rare event in this industry: the discovery of an entire new class of attack.

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