Copy data management

The History of Copy Data Management

Copy Data Corner

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Development Operations Advice

Development Operations Advice from a Thought Leader

Giovanni:  Hi everyone! This is Giovanni Tropeano, Director of Digital Marketing with Actifio and I want to thank you for joining us in this week's blog post.  We are  joined by Ashish Nanotkar and John Annarelli of Yash Solutions.  Ashish is the CTO of Yash and John is the Managing Director and I also have with us Jay Livens, Senior Director of Product Marketing here at Actifio.  Today we are going to be talking about DevOps in general, so Jay why don’t you take it away?

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backup strategy

Backup Strategy – Then and Now

Jay Livens, Senior Director of Product Marketing, explains traditional backup strategy and reviews current ways to use copy data.

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data protection solution

5 Must Have Features for Your Data Protection Solution

I recently booked a flight to Toronto’s City Center Airport (YTZ) on Porter Airlines.  YTZ was very close to my customer meetings so I did not give it much more thought.  However, a day prior to my departure, I researched Porter and realized that they only flew Bombardier Q400 turboprops!  Not everyone may recall flying in old turboprops like the Twin Otter or Short 360, but I remember them my nightmares.  They were about as quiet as a jackhammer, and their rides were not much smoother. It always felt like they were on the verge of crashing.

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database clones

Database Clones: 4 Ways They Mimic Zombie Hordes

Much to my wife’s consternation, I am a fan of The Walking Dead.  For some reason, I find a post apocalyptic world where zombies run rampant interesting.  Fortunately, this is a purely fictional yarn….or at least I tell myself that when I wake up at night hearing strange noises which typically emanate from local coyotes.  

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Security & the Internet of Things: Are Our Devices Safe?

After October's massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in which several major web properties, including Twitter, Reddit, Spotify, Seamless were brought down by a botnet of hundreds of thousands of infected internet connected DVRs and cameras, there is a long list of questions to consider as the Internet of Things (IoT) takes hold. What about standards? What are the security and international protocols? How will we deal with data management structures? Where will we put all that new data? A lot of data. We’ll need to understand what’s possible and then decide if, just because it is possible, should it happen or not?

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The Top Priorities and Setbacks Enterprises Face In Application Development

There are few things more valuable to any business than direct customer feedback. It’s how we test ideas – old and new. It’s how we decide to change. So we asked TechValidate to help us understand what customers and potential customers are thinking. They’re a trusted neutral party and have helped us validate our own thinking – and sometimes prove us wrong. Recently, TechValidate compiled two sets of survey responses from targeted recipients across a range of industries. One survey targeted existing Actifio customers, and the other focused specifically on application developers who are not current clients. The returns provide some fascinating results that will help to verify and quantify Actifio’s part in helping customers to gain financial benefits. Results also make clear the opportunity developers have to gain time and performance advantages as they come into the fold.

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Continuous Improvement – Oracle and Actifio Application Development, Resiliency, and Cloud

Oracle OpenWorld is making its usual September splash in San Francisco and there’s more to it than appearances by Sting and Gwen Stefani. Actifio will also be appearing. As with VMworld a few weeks ago, the Oracle event prompts a pause to reflect on our mutual progress. We’ve been at it since the beginning, and it is progress that’s been warmly embraced by our customers. Let’s start with now and work backwards.

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How Healthcare Organizations Can Reshape Data Efficiency and Expand Operational Possibilities

Every modern healthcare organization relies on information technology to function. IT is central to the time, costs and complexities that either obstruct or accelerate progress. However, a Harvard Business Review study1 found that healthcare leaders see “outdated or ineffective IT infrastructure as their major roadblock.” Addressing that, we’ve seen healthcare agencies implement Actifio to collapse costs and time factors while gaining remarkable efficiencies. These aren’t simple incremental adjustments but transformational health care delivery models.

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The Next Big Thing in Virtualization: Data

The first VMworld gathering in 2004 drew 1600 participants. Not a particularly big deal. Didn’t even have a rock band. It was a gathering of curious IT geeks wanting to understand this budding notion of server virtualization better. Not a lot of notice either — until EMC’s acquisition of VMware that same year. Still, there were plenty of “show me” virtualization skeptics, and it took some time for the change magnitude to register. But register it did. Conference attendance doubled in each of the next few years and this year is expected to exceed 23,000. A big deal.

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