What We’re Thankful For: Our People

As we take the time to reflect on this past year and think about what we're thankful for, one thing immediately comes to mind. Our people.

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Building a Global Company

We focus on running the business, on growing it and helping our customers succeed. But sometimes we need to take a step back and appreciate what we’ve built, how far we’ve come. Of course it’s a huge team effort, although sometimes it all depends on a single intrepid team member. This struck me in particular when one of our field engineers, James Pattinson, posted a story to our internal site describing an Actifio installation he’d just completed in Nairobi Kenya. It’s a story that illustrates how far our technology reach has extended. It also demonstrates the persistence, creativity, talent, good humor, and dedication of our people in the interest of customer success.

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Featured Actifian: Madhav Mutalik

Actifio is chock full of talented people. To showcase some of the amazing talent we have here, Actifio will highlight a particular employee—an Actifian if you will—that is a virtuoso in his or her chosen field. We’ll learn how these incredible individuals help Actifio flourish, as well as what occupies their time when they’re not in the office. For this second feature, read up about Actifio Fellow and company employee #3, Madhav Mutalik.

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