redshift vs bigquery

BigQuery vs RedShift Pricing

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog post highlighting  4 Key Benefits of BigQuery.  One of the areas that I mentioned was pricing. In this blog, I wanted to highlight the pricing models available from Google BigQuery, AWS RedShift and AWS RedShift Spectrum.  As part of the process, I will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each approach and hopefully help the reader better understand which option would best align with their requirements.

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Accelerating Application Modernization

Accelerating Application Modernization – IDC Guest Blog

Guest Article by Phil Goodwin of IDC

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migrating to google cloud

Three Things I Learned About Migrating to Google Cloud

This week, thousands of IT folks will gather in San Francisco for Google Cloud Next ‘19. I’m sure cloud migration will be a hot topic at the show. As a matter of fact, performing a quick search in the Google Cloud Next ‘19 session catalog shows multiple sessions with the migration tag - and most are full! Clearly, IT folks at all levels are interested in learning about Google Cloud migration, as by now most folks understand the benefits of cloud from a cost, scalability, and flexibility perspective. In the spirit of the show, I decided to do some research on migration to Google Cloud. Here are my three key takeaways:

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Why Aren’t You Using Google Cloud Platform for Cloud Disaster Recovery

Disasters can occur any time, and usually that impacts the delivery of software applications to customers and business continuity as well. Disasters can happen due to various reasons such as outages in network, bug in your code, natural disasters etc. That is why having a disaster recovery (DR) plan is very critical to an organization’s success.

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Backup and Recovery Using Cloud Object Storage – Actifio Versus Others

Let's compare Actifio backup and recovery versus other solutions, while using cloud object storage.

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Database clones

Need Database Clones in AWS Immediately!

Database cloning is the process by which you create a point-in-time copy of a production database. Database cloning is usually done for different purposes:

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RTo is horrible with AWS EBS snapshots

Why Recovery Time Objective is Horrible with AWS EBS Snapshots!

In the previous blog, we discussed the good, bad, and ugly of EBS snapshots. In this blog we will elaborate why recoveries from EBS snapshots takes a very long time.

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When EBS snapshots replicate FULLs instead of changed blocks, the AWS bill really hurts!

When EBS snapshots always replicate FULL data instead of incremental data to remote AWS regions, you may be in the "bad" situation of the the good, bad, and ugly of EBS snapshots.

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backup to cloud object storage

Backup to the Cloud Object Storage – Actifio vs Others

It’s hard to find an enterprise who doesn’t want to use cloud object storage for their backup retentions. Why? Following are some of the reasons.

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