benefits of cloud storage

3 Benefits of Cloud Storage

Jay Livens talks about 3 of the top cloud storage benefits in this weeks vlog.

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12 Lessons We Learned While Running IT Education in the Cloud

For many years I worked as a trainer for IBM Education, running both lecture and lab style training courses.  Regardless of what I was teaching, the reality was that "learning by doing"  always proved way more effective (and fun) than "learning by listening".  The students were more engaged, they were more educated (which is the point, after all) and the course itself was simply more enjoyable to teach.

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6 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Consultant

The cloud is an exciting technology that has dramatically changed how we think about storage, compute and networking.  Yet, with these advances come new challenges since the technology also makes us re-think how IT is implemented, and this can be particularly problematic when migrating legacy applications to cloud infrastructure.

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cloud innovation

Cloud Innovation and Cloud Security: 5 Educational Videos

It’s inevitable. The cloud is here and it seems like there is no going back. Those that adopt the cloud begin to open up possibilities for business acceleration and growth that have the power to push them past competition. The cloud is drastically changing the world of data and applications, effectively pushing its way into affecting every industry. Is the cloud a real disruptive technology? And if businesses must adopt it, how do they ensure security as they do? Continue reading for discussion and summary of five recent videos from experts on the cloud.

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hybrid cloud trends

Hybrid Cloud Trends: 4 Must-Read Articles for 2017

As I navigate the virtual highways and backroads of the interwebs, I am always searching for new content that interests me.  In this blog, I wanted share some recent articles related to Cloud adoption.

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The New Face of Backup Administrators

I have seen a new pattern emerge with Actifio customers. The Actifio Administrators may have the backup administrator job function, but they are seen as enterprise architects by their organization. Various teams such as DevOps, Analytics, Security and Support are increasingly relying on Actifio administrators to consume Enterprise Data-as-a-Service (EDaaS).

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Immutability, a Security Benefit of Enterprise Data-as-a-Service

Starting two weeks ago with the blog of our CEO, Ash Ashutosh, we have witnessed next evolutionary step in the progression of copy data management into Enterprise Data-as- a-Service (EDaaS). Last week in this forum, our own David Chang initiated a fascinating discussion about the security benefits EDaaS can bring to an enterprise. As security is such an important and hot topic across so many industries, this will be one of a few blogs on security.

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Resistance To Leverage Cloud Is Futile!

Yesterday Amazon Web Services (AWS) had a service disruption in its S3 service in US-East-1 region. Approximately 148,213 websites got impacted. Good news - They were back up and running in around four hours! Bad News - They were down for around four hours!

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Security & the Internet of Things: Are Our Devices Safe?

After October's massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in which several major web properties, including Twitter, Reddit, Spotify, Seamless were brought down by a botnet of hundreds of thousands of infected internet connected DVRs and cameras, there is a long list of questions to consider as the Internet of Things (IoT) takes hold. What about standards? What are the security and international protocols? How will we deal with data management structures? Where will we put all that new data? A lot of data. We’ll need to understand what’s possible and then decide if, just because it is possible, should it happen or not?

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