DevOps and Analytics with Microsoft Azure Ultra SSD

How to Deliver High-Performance DevOps and Analytics with Microsoft Azure Ultra SSD

Microsoft recently announced Azure's Ultra SSD storage tier. It boasts 160,000 IOPS/disk with a throughput of 2,000 MBytes per second. Clearly, Microsoft designed this for enterprises running critical workloads such as SAP HANA in the Azure cloud, which require very high performance. Best of all, you can start small and grow storage performance based on your current needs and expected growth.

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test data management for devops

Implementing Test Data Management for DevOps: 5 Consideration Points

The new buzzword for DevOps is “continuous.”  We have continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous obsolescence and for many developers, continuous consumption of Five Hour Energy.  Yes, the world of DevOps has radically changed development as we know it and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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What it takes for a solution to scale with Enterprise applications

What it Takes for a Solution to Scale with Enterprise Applications

The last 5 years of IT evolution has forced enterprises to re-think their corporate strategy to stay relevant and competitive.  These enterprises are looking to become lean so they can focus on their core business while outsourcing the rest. Applications and the associated data, the crown jewels of an enterprise are meanwhile anchored in legacy data-center environments.  

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The New Face of Backup Administrators

I have seen a new pattern emerge with Actifio customers. The Actifio Administrators may have the backup administrator job function, but they are seen as enterprise architects by their organization. Various teams such as DevOps, Analytics, Security and Support are increasingly relying on Actifio administrators to consume Enterprise Data-as-a-Service (EDaaS).

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is testing faster more important than coding faster

Is Testing Faster More Important Than Coding Faster?

In software development, is testing faster more important than coding faster? It seems like that’s true for Uber. Yesterday, CNBC posted an article on how Uber is not finding enough cities in which to test their self-driving cars.

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The Top Priorities and Setbacks Enterprises Face In Application Development

There are few things more valuable to any business than direct customer feedback. It’s how we test ideas – old and new. It’s how we decide to change. So we asked TechValidate to help us understand what customers and potential customers are thinking. They’re a trusted neutral party and have helped us validate our own thinking – and sometimes prove us wrong. Recently, TechValidate compiled two sets of survey responses from targeted recipients across a range of industries. One survey targeted existing Actifio customers, and the other focused specifically on application developers who are not current clients. The returns provide some fascinating results that will help to verify and quantify Actifio’s part in helping customers to gain financial benefits. Results also make clear the opportunity developers have to gain time and performance advantages as they come into the fold.

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Bridging the Technology Gap with Hybrid IT

This guest post was written by Janine Benoit, Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing at Sungard Availability Services.

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Effective Test Data Management: Music to a DBA’s Ears

There is no better way to hear from potential end-users than at a Trade Show, and  Oracle Open World (OOW) in San Francisco is a great example of this. At our booth last year we had the opportunity to talk to teams of DBAs from a very wide range of enterprise organizations and hear about their day to day frustrations.

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The Definitive Question: Should Your Organization Adopt DevOps?

Digital businesses depend on information intelligence. Most of that intelligence comes from applications. So, why are so many businesses missing the application streamlining opportunity that comes from DevOps? That collaborative blend of application developers and IT operations is a culture shift that breaks down silos and promotes accelerated development. Becoming a digital business means way more than having the right technology. It’s the right mix of fast, smooth operations resting on an intelligent information base. That’s the idea of DevOps. That and bigger profits.

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