Enterprise class SaaS data protection in Google Cloud and on-premises

  • Save Time: Simple wizard driven configuration
  • Save Burden: Integrated protection for SAP HANA and SQL Server
  • Save Costs: Reduce TCO by 40%

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Challenges Enterprises Face with On-Premises Backup Solutions

Expensive data center storage costs to backup VMware VMs.

Capacity management when backing up new or large amounts of VMware VMs.

Lifecycle management (patches, upgrades, etc.) for backup and dedupe appliances is cumbersome.

Complex architecture of media servers, storage, dedupe appliances, managing rack space, power, etc. for deploying new backup solution.

Complex pricing models based on per appliance or per TB or per socket, with various vendors, for backup software, dedupe appliances, and storage leads to very high TCO.

What is Actifio GO?


Actifio GO is a SaaS platform to backup VMware VMs directly to the cloud object storage.

Enterprises users can get started within 1 hour in 3 simple steps:

  1. Signup and download Actifio Sky data mover software to a small VM on-premises
  2. Specify in Actifio GO, any cloud object storage using your own cloud account
  3. Discover VMs and setup backup SLAs

Actifio GO Features

  1. Get Started in 1 Hour: Register, download, setup backup SLAs in 1 hour. It’s that simple!
  2. Incremental Forever Backup: Efficient incremental forever backup of VMware VMs reduces backup window, optimizes bandwidth and cloud storage utilization.
  3. Direct to Cloud Object Storage: Incremental forever backups go directly to cloud object storage, thus eliminating any data center storage needs. This eliminates storage CAPEX and operational burden for capacity management.
  4. Instant VM Recovery from Cloud: Instantly mount VMs from cloud to the data center and recover VMs in minutes. Users start using the VMs within minutes while (optionally) VMware storage vMotion can seamlessly migrate the VMs to production storage.
  5. Rewind and Recover Instantly: Recover instantly from any point in time that is days, weeks, months or even years old.
  6. Catalog Search for Granular Restores: Simple Google-like search to find pattern matching files and folders to restore directly from cloud to data center.
  7. Data Encryption: Data is encrypted in transit and at rest in the cloud object storage.
  8. Satisfy Compliance Needs: Setup SLAs to retain backups from days to decades based on the compliance needs of each customer.
  9. Small Compute Requirements: Actifio Sky data mover requires very small compute requirements. For example, Actifio Sky data mover needs just 8 cores and 48 GB memory to protect 1000+ VMware VMs (assuming an average of 200 GB per VM).
  10. Multi-Cloud: Actifio GO provides the flexibility to use object storage from any of the cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, or Wasabi.


11. Agentless VMware Backups: Eliminates operational burden.

12. Management UI in the Cloud: Auto-provisioned in the cloud to minimize data center footprint.

13. Backup Directly to Cloud Object Storage with no Data Center Storage: Spend zero $$$ on data center storage for backups

14. Incremental Forever Backup to Cloud Object Storage: Ensure Low Bandwidth and storage consumption in the cloud .

15. Encryption at Rest: Use cloud object storage encryption.

16. Catalog File/Folder Restore: East to use Google-like search capability for finding and restoring files.

17. Instant Mount and Recovery: Instantly mount a multi-TB VM from cloud object storage backup to VMware infrastructure in the data center and spin up the VM in minutes without having to copy data from the cloud to the data center.

18. Storage vMotion After Instant Mount and Recovery: Storage vMotion allows the MVs to be copied to production storage without any downtime after instant mount and recovery.

19. Multi-Cloud Object Storage Support: AWS S3, S3 IAS, Azure Blob Hot, Azure Blob Cold, Google Nearline, Google Regional, Google Coldline, Wasabi, IBM Cloud object storage.

20. Database Backups: Full VM Only  (Assumes database dumps to disk and transaction log is being maintained by the DBAs).

Actifio GO Benefits

SaaS Platform Using Cloud Storage

Subscription-Based Pricing per VM

Zero Capex

Zero Data Center Storage for Backups

Zero Opex for Upgrades & Capacity Management

How Does Actifio GO Help Enterprises?

  • Zero Data Center Storage: Eliminates data center storage by utilizing cloud object storage, therefore eliminating CAPEX costs.
  • Zero Capacity Management Burden for Ops: Cloud object storage is infinitely scalable which means no complicated storage calculations and operational burden when adding more storage..
  • Zero Upgrade Headaches for Ops: Actifio GO SaaS platform takes care of all software updates, therefore reducing OPEX costs.
  • No Barrier to Modernize BaaS: Get Started in 1 Hour. Actifio GO SaaS platform is extremely simple to use: Register, Download, Deploy, and Protect VMware VMs in 1 hour!
  • Simple Subscription Pricing: Actifio GO offers simple annual subscription pricing. With zero data center storage and low ops burden, Actifio GO helps Enterprises achieve the lowest TCO possible.
  • Multi-Cloud: Use any cloud object storage from any cloud vendor such as AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, Wasabi.


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