Challenges Enterprise Face with Data Protection in Google Cloud

Expensive cloud costs to protect workloads inside of Google Cloud and protect on-premises VM workloads in Google Cloud

How Actifio Go for GCP Helps: Highly efficient incremental forever data capture minimizes required compute, bandwidth and storage.  Advanced object storage support further reduces costs

Need cost effective data retention while minimizing costs and maintaining data access

How Actifio Go for GCP Helps: Actifio Go for GCP leverages Google Nearline/Coldline for cost effective data retention and intelligent caching technology minimizes egress charges and API cost

Must minimize RTO on databases to ensure rapid recovery from unexpected data outages

How Actifio Go for GCP Helps: Deep integration with SQL Server and SAP HANA databases ensures application consistent data capture and recovery inside of Google Cloud

Lifecycle management (patches, upgrades, etc.) for backup and dedupe virtual appliances running Google Cloud  is cumbersome

How Actifio Go for GCP Helps: Actifio Go for GCP takes care of all software updates thus simplifying management and reducing OpEx both in the cloud and on-premises

Complex architecture of virtual dedupe appliances, backup servers and media servers

How Actifio Go for GCP Helps:Simple to use SaaS model incorporates all needed functionality including application integration, SLA management and data replication

What Is Actifio Go For GCP?

Actifio GO for GCP is a SaaS platform that protects cloud native VMs and databases along with on-premises VMs.

Signup for Actifio Go for GCP via the Google Marketplace and follow simple wizard driven install and discovery process.

Specify storage targets for Actifio Go for GCP including Persistent Disk and Nearline/Coldine options

Apply protection policies to discovered applications and databases and run backups

Actifio GO For Google Cloud Features

Self-service sign up, simple deployment and central management

Benefit: Simple and easy to use SaaS platform to deliver backup and recovery of VMs, SQL Server and SAP HANA databases inside of Google Cloud and on-premises VMware VMs

Application consistent incremental forever capture of databases and VMs

Benefit: Deliver small and efficient backup windows while ensuring database recoverability inside of Google Cloud

SLA driven data management

Benefit: Powerful SLA engine ensures consistent protection policies across on-premises and one or more Google Cloud regions

Instant recovery on-premises or in the cloud

Benefit: Minimize downtime by recovering VMs and databases in minutes regardless of size either on-premises or inside of Google Cloud

Multi-region disaster recovery

Benefit: Enable disaster recovery in a single Google Cloud region or across regions with the ability to instantly access 1000’s of datasets in parallel.

Google like search catalog for file / folder restore directly from Persistent Disk or Nearline/Coldline to the VM of choice

Benefit: Simple individual file recovery to accelerate single file restore requests

Data encryption in transit and at rest

Benefit: Ensure that data is safely secured in block and object storage to meet business and regulatory requirements


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