Actifio Global Manager

Actifio Global Manager (AGM) provides centralized management capabilities in a virtual appliance that can be deployed on standard VMware ESX servers or in the cloud. AGM enables administrators to access an easy-to-use UI to perform multiple day-to-day operations required for end-to-end data protection, test data management, and cloud mobility. Additionally, a single AGM web-based UI enables users to manage multiple Actifio instances simultaneously, regardless if they are local, remote, or in the cloud.


Benefits of AGM

Global Management

Single pane of glass to manage multiple Actifio on-premises and/or cloud instances

Data Protection Automation

Set up automatic SLAs to ensure data protection requirements are met

Simple Recovery

Recover data from any point-in-time with a few clicks from our menu

Simplified Clone Creation

Mount multiple virtual copies simultaneously to accelerate test/dev from an easy-to-use interface

Real-Time Alerting

Gain peace of mind and proactively fix critical issues with real-time alerts

Enhanced Reporting

Get comprehensive statistics, metrics, and information in an easy-to-access format

See AGM in Action



Download the white paper to learn how Actifio Enterprise Data as a Service works.  It explains how Actifio can meet your needs for:
Faster and higher quality application testing
Faster recoveries and better protection SLAs at a lower cost
Faster adoption of cloud, with the necessary IT controls on data

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